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Dear Colleagues,

On February 19 and 20, Larry Tise (East Carolina University) and I
held a conference at the Kislak Center at the University of
Pennsylvania titled "Paint over Print: Hand-Colored Books and Maps of
the Early Modern Period."

The papers addressed books and maps from the fifteenth to the
seventeenth century; specific topics discussed include the materials
and techniques used in hand-coloring, the connoisseurship of
hand-coloring, and how color alters the meaning of a printed work--how
the addition of color represents an interpretation or reinterpretation
of the work.

All of the talks were video-recorded, and those videos are now freely
available on the internet. Below I attach a list of the talks
delivered at the conference, each with a link to the relevant video.

I hope the talks prove to be of interest.

Best wishes,

Chet Van Duzer


February 19:

Opening Remarks by Lynne Farrington, Larry Tise, and Chet Van Duzer

David Bosse, Historic Deerfield
“‘To Give a Strong and Pleasing Effect’: Hand-Coloring in Historical Context”

Chet Van Duzer, Independent Scholar
“Colored as its Creators Intended: Painted Maps in the 1513 Edition of
Ptolemy’s Geography”

William C. Wooldridge, Suffolk, Virginia, author of Mapping Virginia
(UVA Press, 2012)
“Collecting Color−A View from the Trenches”

Stephanie Stillo, Washington and Lee University
“Authenticity and Authorship in Early Modern Colored Maps”

Michiel van Groesen, University of Amsterdam
“‘An Ocean of Rumors’: News from the Atlantic World”

Graham Arader, Arader Galleries, New York, NY
“Detecting Fakes and Forgeries in the Market for Hand-Colored Books,
Maps, and Prints”

February 20:

Michiel van Groesen, University of Amsterdam
“Theodor de Bry and Sons, Master Engravers and Printers for the
Hand-Colored Book Market” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkaIeE93UBM

Larry Tise, East Carolina University
“America’s First ‘Coloring Book’: Theodor de Bry’s 1590 edition of
Thomas Harriot’s Briefe & True Report from the New-Found Land of

Joan Irving, Paper Conservator, Winterthur Museum, Garden, and
Library, Wilmington, Delaware
“‘Not Just for Ornament’: Transparent Liquid Colors for Maps & Plans”

Peter Stallybrass, University of Pennsylvania
“Hand-Colored Herbals”

Speakers' Roundtable
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