[ISHMap-List] A critical review of the hypothesis of a medieval origin for portolan charts

Peter van der Krogt p.c.j.vanderkrogt at uu.nl
Sun Mar 16 19:50:48 CET 2014

I don't read this list very often. I was co-promoter of Roel Nicolai - 
who is head of the geodesy department of Shell.

I would advise you to wait with conclusions, especially on the basis of 
newspaper articles, until you have read the full 400pp dissertation. At 
this moment it is not available, but publication is in progress.

In the mean time I will forward the discussion to mr. Nicolai. Maybe he 
will send some answer to this list.


Joel Kovarsky schreef op 16-3-2014 13:53:
> On 3/15/14, 1:07 PM, Joaquim Alves Gaspar wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I fully endorse Matthew's opinion below.
> Mr. Nicolai's thesis is apparently being supervised by Ferjan 
> Ormeling, so perhaps better clarification of details will be 
> forthcoming soon?
>      Joel Kovarsky


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