[ISHMap-List] The History of Cartography Project Receives NSF Grant for Volume Five

Matthew Edney edney at wisc.edu
Fri Aug 15 17:02:39 CEST 2014

Dear All:

I am very pleased to share the following announcement:

The History of Cartography Project has been awarded a five-year grant from the National Science Foundation to study the origins and development of modern cartography. The research will facilitate preparation of Cartography in the Nineteenth Century, Volume Five of the groundbreaking History of Cartography series.

This unique, international research and publishing venture, based at the UW-Madison, is dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of cartography among scholars and the general public. The first three volumes of the series are available in print and are freely available online at http://www.press.uchicago.edu/books/HOC/. The final three volumes will be published in print, as e-books, and online.

(I should note that NSF has previously supported preparation of Volume Six of the History, Cartography in the Twentieth Century, edited by Mark Monmonier.)



Matthew Edney

Director, History of Cartography Project

goto http://www.geography.wisc.edu/histcart


         http://www.press.uchicago.edu/books/HOC  >>  free access to vols. 1-3

also Osher Professor in the History of Cartography, University of Southern Maine


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