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*Leading historian of cartography, Dr Catherine Delano-Smith, was 
awarded the Royal Scottish Geographical Society's Bartholomew Globe 
award at an event in Perth Concert Hall on Monday 24^th March 2014*

Dr Catherine Delano-Smith is a leading geographer and historian of 
cartography and has done a great deal over the course of more than 
thirty years to deepen and widen research in the history of cartography, 
within the UK and across the world, becoming a lynchpin of the 
cartography community.

Dr Delano-Smith was presented with the award in recognition of her 
contribution to the study of cartography by the Society's President, 
Professor Iain Stewart.

Dr Delano-Smith has been one of the foremost activists behind the 
resurgence of the critical history of cartography, not only in her own 
works which have been many and influential, but also in her promotion of 
the International//Society for the History of the Map/(ISHMap)/, in her 
support of a bespoke and well-respected lecture series of lectures at 
the Warburg and, vitally, in her role as the editor of /Imago Mundi/, 
the world's leading journal for the history of cartography.

She has taken an eclectic approach to researching early maps, covering 
prehistoric maps, map signs on early printed maps, and the relationship 
between maps and their users. She is particularly interested in the 
connection between the map image and social changes in learning and 

The Bartholomew Globe has been awarded by the RSGS since 2000. The first 
recipient was John C. Bartholomew and awardees include the National 
Library of Scotland's Chris Fleet and RSGS Collections and Information 
Convenor Margaret Wilkes.Notice by Fraser Shand of RSGS.
Sarah Tyacke

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