Rock and boulders

Rock is a special category of land form. Rocks and boulders are not likely to affect route choice, but where prominent they can serve as valuable features for navigation and positioning. The maps may show these features when they are visible to the competitor.

201 Impassable cliff
An impassable cliff, quarry or earth bank (see 106) is shown with a 0.35 mm line and downward tags showing its full extent from the top line to the foot. For vertical rock faces the tags may be omitted if space is short, e.g. narrow passages between cliffs (the passage should be drawn with a width of at least 0.3 mm). The tags may extend over an area symbol representing detail immediately below the rock face. When a rock face drops straight into water making it impossible to pass under the cliff along the water’s edge, the bank line is omitted or the tags should clearly extend over the bank line.
Colour: black.
202 Rock pillars/cliffs
In the case of unusual features such as rock pillars or massive cliffs or gigantic boulders, the rocks shall be shown in plan shape without tags.
Colour: black.
206 Boulder
A distinct boulder (minimum height 1 m). Every boulder marked on the map should be immediately identifiable on the ground.
Colour: black.
210 Boulder fields / Stony ground
An area which is covered with so many blocks of stone that they cannot be marked individually.
Stony or rocky ground which affects going should be shown on the map. The dots should be randomly distributed with density according to the amount of rock. A minimum of three dots should be used.
Colour: black.
211 Open sandy ground
An area of soft sandy ground or gravel with no vegetation and where running is slow. Where an area of sandy ground is open but running is good, it is shown as open land (401/402).
Colour: black 12.5% (22 lines/cm) and yellow 50% (see 403).
212 Bare rock
A runnable area of rock without earth or vegetation is shown as bare rock. An area of rock covered with grass, moss or other low vegetation is shown as open land (401/402).
Colour: black 30% (60 lines/cm) or grey.