13th International Conference
on Orienteering Mapping

16 August 2009, Miskolc (Hungary)

Venue: WOC Village, Felnőttképzési Regionális Központ (Regional Center of Adult Education) Building B3/B4 on the map - Room number 207

09.00-10.00 Registration
10.00-10.10 Introduction/practical information (PPT - 858 kB) Flemming Jensen
10.10-10.40 Mapping for the WOC in Hungary (PPT - 135 MB) László Zentai
10.40-11.10 Map evaluation project (PDF - 2.5 MB) Sergio Grifoni
11.10-11.30 Coffee break - MAP EXHIBITION
11.30-12.00 GPS and laser scanned contours (PPT - 33 MB) Flemming Jensen
12.00-12.30 OCAD 10 (PDF - 2.7 MB) Thomas Gloor
13.00-14.00 Lunch on your own Pre-order is possible
14.00-14.20 Optimizing GPS accuracy (PPT - 2.3 MB) Bence Sprok
14.20-14.40 Norwegian laserscanning experiments (PDF - 2.6 MB) Håvard Tveite, Jan R. Lien
14.40-15.00 Slovakia map Portal (PPT - 3.4 MB) Radoslav Jonas, Miroslav Lago
15.00-15.20 Coffee break  
15.20-15.50 Open streetmaps (PPT - 556 kB) Andreas Oxenstierna
15.50-16.10 ISOM 20XX (PDF - 0.9 MB) Thomas Gloor
16.10-16.30 Open discussion on: ISOM20XX, OCAD, map scales, generalisation, paper qualities, inkjet prints/offset prints etc.
16.30-17.00 Closing  

Photos - Exhibition


Ivan Dimitrov Bulgaria
Lacho Lliev Bulgaria
Flemming Hjorth Jensen Denmark
Jukka Liikari Finland
Ákos Kisvölcsey Hungary
Bence Sprok Hungary
Éva Makrai  Hungary
Laszlo Zentai Hungary
Tibor Erdélyi Hungary
Zoltán Vekerdy Hungary/Netherland
Remo Macadello Italy
Sergio Grifoni italy
Gediminas Trimakas Lithuania
Håvard Tveite Norway
Jan R Lien Norway
Jerzy Antonowicz Poland
Miroslav Lago Slovakia
Radoslav Jonas Slovakia
Andreas Oxenstjerne Sweden
Gian-Reto Schaad Switzerland
Thomas Gloor Switzerland
Thomas Scholl Switzerland


Since the location of the ICOM is the university campus area, and very few shops are open on Sundays, the lunch has to be ordered in advance if you want to have lunch at the ICOM location.
Please order before Sunday 9. August.

ICOM entry fee: 10 Euro
Lunch ordered in advance: 11 Euro

Both payed at registration


The IOF Map Commission welcomes you to the 13th International Conference on Orienteering Mapping that will take place in conjunction with the World Orienteering Championships in Miskolc, Hungary. The conference has become a traditional biennial event where map makers and map interested from around the world discuss and share information about the latest mapping standards, techniques and developments in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
We are convinced that the 13th ICOM will live up to the successes of its predecessors. The programme has been arranged to make it possible for you to take part in the public races and other important events.
The Map Commission would still like to focus on generalisation in the 13th ICOM, but are also soliciting presentations on other topics of interest to the world’s community of orienteering mappers. The revision of the ISOM 2000 specification is going on, and will be a topic too.
Complex generalisation maps are welcome for the discussion in the breaks.
Suggestions for both topics and presentations are welcome. Please send your proposals to:
IOF Map Commission, Flemming Hjorth Jensen (f_hjorth@post.tele.dk) before 1 July 2009.
If you are suggesting presentations, please specify both the title of the presentation, the presenter, and a brief synopsis of the presentation.
Once again, the IOF Map Committee welcomes you to Miskolc, Hungary and we look forward to meeting you there.

The conference will take place in Miskolc, in the event centre (Miskolc-Tapolca). The exact location will be published at the IOF Map Commission website, http://lazarus.elte.hu/mc/..
If you send an email to f_hjorth@post.tele.dk you will be informed directly about the location in Miskolc.

Sunday 16 August 2009
9:00-10:00: Registration.
10:00: Conference opening.
10:00-13:00: Presentations.
13:00-14:00: Lunch.
14:00-19:00: Presentations and discussions.
19:00: Closing of the conference.
The programme will be published at the IOF Map Commission web site when it is ready and Sunday 15 July at the latest.

The participation fee is 10 euros, which should be paid upon registration. The fee covers the conference cost (the coffee breaks are included, but the lunch is excluded). Applications deadline is Sunday 1st August 2009 and should be sent by e-mail to the IOF Map Commission ICOM responsible:
Flemming Hjorth Jensen

We suggest that you consider the WOC hotel offerings.

Kind regards
IOF Map Commission
Flemming Hjorth Jensen
(remember the underscore ( _ ) as second letter in the email address.