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Dear Students,


Students applying for the National Higher Education Scholarship announced
for the 2020/2021 academic year can submit their application electronically
to ikto at inf.elte.hu
their official e-mail address recorded in the Neptun.

You can find the form here
DEADLINE: 29. JUNE 2020, 8.00 AM.

The following must be attached to the application (please attach the
attachments in pdf format, the application form in excel file):
*1. completed application form, signed in detail, (in the absence of a
printable option, sgd mark and name)*
*2. documents (or copies) of the results entered on the application form,*
*3. listing annexes form *( in the application excel form),
*4. departmental opinion*
*5. semester certificate of completion *- after the last exam is entered in
Neptun, a print preview of the extract of the main form can be downloaded
from the Neptun system in pdf format. Path: Studies - Gradebook - Registry
excerpt Print preview - Törzslap kivonat_EN

*National Higher Education Scholarship *may be submitted by students who
- taking part in state-funded and self-financed full-time
[UTF-8?]Bachelor’s, [UTF-8?]Master’s and single-cycle programmes
- who have *registered for at least two semesters *over the course of
either their present or past studies and
- have obtained *at least 55 credits*;

*Criteria for the evaluation of applications:*

   1. Study average: study average better than 4.50 in both semesters
   2. Professional activity:
      1. Research activities
      2. OTDK, TDK participation, placement
      3. Publications, lectures
      4. Fieldwork, dissertations
      5. Other professional or study competitions
      6. Other outstanding professional activities
      7. Educational activities (eg demonstrators)
   3. Other:
      1. Language exam (type C secondary or tertiary acquired during
      university studies; professional)
      2. Student public activities (AISEC, Student Government, dormitory
      position,organizing events).
      3. Other outstanding social, cultural and cultural activities.
      4. Active, effective and outstanding sports activities.
   4. Departmental opinion on professional activity.

According to the practice of previous years, the list approved by the
Ministry usually returns to the University in early September. The Office
of Studies can then publish the list of students who have won the
scholarship on its website, on billboards.

Best regards,
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