[StipHu] Residence permit extension

Veronika Kiss k.vera0412 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 11:42:26 CEST 2020

Dear Students,

I'm glad to inform you, from 17 June 2020 a decree of the Hungarian
Government concerning the elimination of the emergency came into force.

The restrictions in the opening time of the shops and offices allocated
only for elder people over 65 years old has been suspended, you can visit
all shops and offices in full opening time.

Regarding to the extension of visa applications and residence permits:
- The Immigration Office will revert to the usual administrative schedule
- In case you are in Hungary and your residence permit has expired and been
automatically renewed during the emergency state, you are required to
submit your extension request within 15 days.
- Residence permits have been extended until 45 days after the end of the
emergency state, but the extension request is required to submitted in 30
days before expiration deadline.
- In case you are in Hungary and your residence permit expires in the
following days or weeks, please also start the extension process as soon as
- In case you left Hungary and your residence permit has expired, you can
only come back with tourist visa (C visa) and you can start the extension
of your student visa after your arrival.

The visa application extension request also can be submitted electronically
after registration on the site of Enter Hungary:

Best regards,
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