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The Rocky Mountain Map Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the
study and appreciation of maps and other items of cartographic interest. The
Society was formed in 1991 and is based in Denver, Colorado.



December 8, 2015 - Vincent Szilagyi

"Myths, Men and Monsters: Exploration and Cartography in Central Africa" 



Vincent Szilagyi


5:30 PM at Denver Public Library, Gates Room, Fifth Floor - Open to the

Since the beginning of recorded time, the source of the World's greatest
river, the Nile, was shrouded in mystery. Expeditions sent by the Ancient
Egyptians, Greeks, Macedonians, Romans, Arabs, French and others were
thwarted by disease, animals, swamps, fierce tribes, pygmies and the
blistering desert heat. The survivors of these failed attempts brought back
fantastic stories of fearsome monsters, mystical kingdoms and giants.
Legends sprung up that the Nile began at the feet of a mountain range so
high it scraped the Moon, and so far away it could never be reached. It was
not until the 1800s that explorers finally reached the headwaters of the
Nile, and the story of what they found and how they got there is as
intriguing and engaging a story as any in the history of exploration.


Vincent graduated from the University of Denver in 2013 with Degrees in
History, Political Science and Geography. His senior thesis concerned the
mapping of Central Africa and the Nile River in the 1850s to 1870s and the
impacts this had on the nascent academic disciplines of Geography and
Geology. Since 2014 Vincent has worked at the Philadelphia Print Shop West,
one of the Nation's premier antique map and print galleries. When he is not
working at the shop, Vincent does contract GIS and surveying work for the
mining industry on the Western Slope. Vincent collects antique maps of the
Nile River, as well as books, maps, and ephemera concerning the Scramble for


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