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The Leverhulme Network ‘Cartography between Europe and the Islamic World’ aimsto promote comparative, cross-disciplinary scholarship on Islamic and Europeancartography by bringing together experts in these two fields for a two-day
symposium to be held at Queen Mary, University of London, on September 8th,2014.

(See  Call for Paper in pdf here)

Participants are invited to explore moments of contact betweentraditions (e.g. twelfth-century Spain; the court of Roger II of Sicily;fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Italian cartography; Piri Reis andpost-Columban cartography of the early sixteenth century) as well asdifferences and divergences. Reflections on the methodology of the comparativestudy of maps are also welcome.

Papers may wish to address some of the following topics, but need not berestricted to them:
• the contexts – material, political, spiritual, artistic – of mapmaking in
Europe and the Islamic world
• audiences for maps; ‘cartographic literacy’
• interactions between European and Islamic mapmaking: exchange, influence,
• reception of classical texts, e.g. Ptolemy’s Geographia/Jugrafiya
• patronage
• the cartography of al-Idrisi
• nautical mapmaking in the Mediterranean
• cartography in the Ottoman empire (up to c. 1600)
• comparative histories of cartography

Please send proposals consisting of an abstract of c. 300 words for20-minute papers to Matthew Champion (m.s.champion at qmul.ac.uk) by February 21,2014.

Proposals are encouraged from doctoral students, early-career andestablished scholars, and travel and accommodation for speakers will be funded.

For further information, visit: http://www.cartography.qmul.ac.uk/

On behalf of the conference convenors:

Alfred Hiatt (a.hiatt at qmul.ac.uk)
Jerry Brotton (j.r.brotton at qmul.ac.uk)
Yossi Rapoport (y.rapoport at qmul.ac.uk).

Leverhulme Network Facilitator
Cartography between Europe and the Islamic World, 1100
School of English and Drama
Queen Mary, University of London
Mile End Rd
United Kingdom

m.s.champion at qmul.ac.uk

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