[ISHM] ISHM website/ invitation to TEST

Zsolt Török zoltorok at ludens.elte.hu
Mon Nov 21 11:11:40 CET 2011

Dear ISHM Friends,

We have been working hard to publish the official website of the new society
on the web by December 1.

I proudly report that we have made good progress as
to the technical side of the project and the site is almost fully functional.

However, as we would like to create a Web 2.0 type community site it is very
important to make you all able to contribute. This is why in the next few days
the new ISHM website will be unofficially available for some of you who would be
volunteer to test its functionality and who would contribute to its content.
No special computer skills are required, only some free time (half an hour a day)
and common sense.  

Are you curious about the ISHM website?

Be the first to visit and try it!

If you are interested pls send me a private message and I give you an Editor's
password. Do not worry, everything we publish this week will be deleted before
the site starts officially. We have limited number of test editors' positionso reply ASAP. 
First come first served this week -

but you all will be able to see and develop  it very soon.

Best regards,

                     Dr. Zsolt Győző TÖRÖK, Assoc. Prof.  
Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics, Eötvös Loránd University
              H-1117 Budapest, Pázmány P. sétány 1/a, Hungary
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