[Icacogvis] Please help out a MSc student by participating in their online study !

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Thu Aug 19 15:56:02 CEST 2021

Dear CogVizers 

We would be thrilled if we could steal a tiny bit of your most valuable time to help out one of our MSc students who is doing empirical research under most difficult circumstances. Feel free to circulate below invitation widely in your networks. 

Perhaps for those of you interested in online empirical research methods this might also be worth your while… 

At any rate, we thank you very much in advance for your interest and time!
Best wishes, sara & Sara Lanini-Maggi

Hello There!

I am currently conducting my Master’s thesis in GIScience/Geovisualization at the Geography Department of the University of Zurich. In my thesis, I study the effects of accent lighting on human emotions in outdoor settings. 

For this, I would like to kindly invite you to an approx. 35-minute online study, involving watching outdoor scenes and answering questions about them.

To support my fully automated and online research, there are a couple of important requirements:

..Allowing access to your web-cam on your laptop or desktop computer. 
[Mobile platforms such as smart phones or tablets are NOT supported.]

..Using one of the following Web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. 
[Internet Explorer and Safari are NOT supported.]
..Using one of the following computer operating systems: Windows 10, Apple OSX, Chrome OS.

..Having access to a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection, as videos will be played. 
[Being close to a Wi-Fi router/access point will be highly desirable.]
..A quiet test location with consistent lighting.
[It is best to avoid bright sun light, or any glare on the screen.]

With your important participation you are significantly contributing to further understanding on how accent lighting affects human experiences of outdoor spaces.

I hope, I could raise your interest in my research, and would be thus delighted if you participated in my study by following this link:


Thank you very much for your time!
Best wishes, Martin Lanz

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