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2022. Ápr. 10., V, 10:22:57 CEST

Kerves Erasmus-ra pályázók!

Ha valaki szeretne Erasmus ösztöndíj keretében az alábbi helyre kiutazni, kérem olvassa el figyelmesen a partner intézmény koordinátorának levelét!



This e-mail should reach the international coordinator for your outgoing students. If you are not in charge of YOUR outgoing exchange students, we kindly ask you to forward this e-mail to the colleague responsible for this area.

 Dear partner,

This is an automatically generated e-mail, please do not reply. For any further communication use personal emails below.
 This is to inform you that Palacký University Olomouc (UP) will require the online nomination of your exchange students incoming to UP in 2022/2023. We do not need any additional documents sent by post or e-mail.

 To nominate your students please use the following link: https://erasmusplus.upol.cz/Account/ExtLogin/a83ea47e-f487-4b21-9861-05178231f844 
 After the first access please make sure your institution profile information is correct and valid, if not, please, update the respective information.

 To read the UP online nomination procedure guidelines please go to https://wiki.upol.cz/upwiki/Erasmus_Nominations#Nominations_.28Information_for_Coordinators.29

 If there is any problem, e.g. you are not able to access the online nomination system, please contact iro at upol.cz.

 Please, never forward the online nomination link to your students! 
  The nomination link assigned to your institution can be used repeatedly, it is not being changed every academic year unless there is a particular reason. If you think that an unauthorized person uses your link, please let us know asap and we will generate a new unique link, which will be sent to your email address.

To download the UP Institutional Factsheet 2022/2023 please go to https://www.upol.cz/en/students/exchange-students/docs-forms/#c50730 

 Online Nomination Deadlines: 
 Please respect deadlines for each semester within the nomination period 
 UP Online Nomination period: March 1 – October 31
The nomination of your students for a whole academic year (September – June) or just a winter semester* is possible till May 31 (visa students till May 15) 
The nomination of your students for a summer semester* is possible till October 31 (visa students till October 15)

 *winter semester/first semester – September – January
 *summer semester/second semester – February – June
 (semesters include classes and exam period)

 Please note that students nominated for the summer (=2nd) semester will not be accepted for the whole academic year, or allowed to extend the mobility period. To stay one more semester, the students must be newly nominated by the home institution for the new academic year and submit a new application.

  It will not be possible to receive nominations/applications after the deadline unless there are specific conditions within the respective type of cooperation/ bilateral agreement.
 Please plan and nominate your students´ study stays with respect to the fact that we cannot adjust the academic calendar/regular time and number of classes. Your students can attend classes only within the dates of the academic calendar to fulfill the academic requirements and receive ECTS credits. For details about the Academic Calendar, please see: https://www.upol.cz/en/students/exchange-students/academic-calendar-organization-of-study/

* Step 1. Check and update your institution profile information if needed
* Step 2. Nomination - how to nominate your students – see https://wiki.upol.cz/upwiki/Erasmus_Nominations#Nominations_.28Information_for_Coordinators.29
* Please always double-check the e-mail address of your student before you submit the nomination and please avoid using the student e-mail address of hotmail.com, outlook.com, and live.com as those (for some technical reasons) fail to deliver our e-mails.
* Step 3. An information e-mail about the UP application procedure is sent to the nominated student after you submit the nomination
* Step 4. The online application including courses selection, an accommodation request, and the orientation week is submitted by the student (see deadlines)*
* Step 5. Learning Agreement is created in IS STAG/Portal ECTS Arrivals based on instructions from a respective Faculty coordinator 
* Step 6. Letter of acceptance is sent to the nominated/accepted student

Online Application Deadlines for students:
* Winter semester/whole year:
* May 31 (visa required)
* June 15 (visa non-required = EU, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland citizens)
* Summer semester:
* October 31 (visa required)
* November 15 (visa non-required = EU, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland citizens)

If the mobility is canceled after the nomination has been submitted, the coordinator or the student must WITHDRAW the online application by clicking on the WITHDRAW/CANCEL button in the application form. 

 Thank you for your kind cooperation.
 Best regards,

 International Relations Office
 Zuzana Hamdanieh – Erasmus+ Incoming Students (zuzana.hamdanieh at upol.cz)
 Eva Ohniskova – Erasmus International Credit Mobility (eva.ohniskova at upol.cz)
Stepanka Pridalova - Cooperation Agreements -  (stepanka.pridalova at upol.cz

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