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Kedves végzős vagy frissen végzett MSc-sek!

2 PhD hely Zürichben.


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ELTE Térképtudományi és Geoinformatikai Tanszék, Budapest

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Subject: 2 PhDs positions in Zurich on place-based generalisation

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Dear Colleagues,

I’d be really grateful if you would point good Masters students who have, or
soon will, completed their Masters. Note that the expected profiles of the
positions are different, and in particular Position A would be well suited to
someone  with a good knowledge of computational linguistics methods, and
position B to an individual with cartographic expertise.

Best wishes,


2 PhD Positions in the GIScience Center, Department of Geography, University
of Zurich

Position A: Place descriptions from user generated content and unstructured text

Position B: Place-based map generalization

The GIScience Center at the Department of Geography, University of Zurich
invites applications for 2 PhDs position to work on a Swiss National  Science
Foundation (SNSF) grant investigating the use of user-generated content and
unstructured text in the map generalization process to generate place-based maps.

Position A will focus on the generation of place descriptions using UGC and
unstructured text. These descriptions will address three aspects of place as
defined by Agnew (2012): location (placenames and associated regions), locale
(the environment and associated affordances within such a region) and sense of
place (the experiences offered by a place to a group and the shared
conceptualization of a place important to that group). Place descriptions will
take two forms – population of a schema designed directly to drive the
generalization process  with traditional geometric data, and richer, more
textually based descriptions, requiring more novel methods of incorporation
into place-based maps. The PhD candidate will be supervised by Prof. Ross
Purves and will be a member of the Geocomputation Unit in the GIScience
Center, whose research focuses on the computational methods for  the analysis
of a wide range of geographic data sources.

Position B will develop processes that allow controlling  the automated
generalization operations, using place descriptions generated in the related
PhD project A, such that place-based maps can be obtained. Work will start
with a design of the components of place-based map generalization (data types,
data flows,  generalization operators, and map designs). Procedures will be
developed that allow integrating the geometries, semantics, and textual
descriptions of place descriptions into a form that can be usefully displayed
on a map. Specialized generalization operators  will be developed that can
exploit place descriptions, with a focus on abstraction and schematization.
Finally, coherent processes of place-based generalization will be built from
these operators. The PhD candidate will be supervised by Prof. Robert Weibel
and will be a member of the GIS Unit in the GIScience Center, whose research
focuses on themes such as digital cartography and  mobile systems as well as
movement analysis.

Although clear initial research goals have been developed within the SNSF
proposal,  the PhD candidates will be expected to develop and refine these, in
collaboration with their supervisory team and colleague, as a first stage of
their research work.

The GIS and Geocomputation Units form part of the GIScience Centre, which
hosts research groups working on diverse topics including language  and space,
geographic information retrieval, digital terrain modelling, uncertainty
modelling, movement analysis, digital cartography and mobile systems,
geovisual analytics, and spatial cognition.

We are looking for highly motivated original thinkers, with a desire to
develop a research career and with a passion for science. In return  we offer
excellent working conditions, a stimulating environment and Zurich’s high
quality of life. Applicants are required to have completed, or to complete
before appointment, a Masters level degree at a high standard in a relevant
field such as Geographic  Information Science (GIScience), computing science,
geography or geomatics. Additionally, computational linguistics (for Position
A) or cartography (for Position B). Basic programming skills, as well as a
willingness to develop these are a prerequisite.

Applicants should also have a very good standard of written and spoken
English. Fluency, or a willingness to learn, of one or more of Switzerland’s 
national languages would also be an advantage, especially for Position A.

To apply, send a curriculum vitae, a motivation statement relating to the
position for which you wish to apply, transcripts, and contact  details for
two referees (including e-mail addresses) in a single PDF document by 1
December 2013.

For Position A please mark your application with reference “PlaceGenPosA”, to
annica.mandola at geo.uzh.ch. For further questions with respect  to Position A,
please contact Ross Purves (ross.purves at geo.uzh.ch).

For Position B please mark your application with reference “PlaceGenPosB”, to
annica.mandola at geo.uzh.ch. For further questions with respect  to Position B,
please contact Robert Weibel (robert.weibel at geo.uzh.ch).

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