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Subject: [geovis] Scholarships in Phd Graduate College "CrowdAnalyser"
Heidelberg	University

Dear colleagues,

please forward this call to potential candidates and display it in your 

Thank you very much!
all the best
alexander zipf

*5 PhD scholarships in new graduate college available at Heidelberg 

The Research Topic of the new PhD graduate school (Research Training 
Group, RTG) is

*CrowdAnalyser *

*Spatio-temporal Analysis of User-generated Content*

A key feature of the Web 2.0 is that data is voluntarily provided by 
users on the Internet through portals such as Wikipedia, YouTube, 
Flickr, Twitter, Blogs, OpenStreetMap, and various social networks at an 
unprecedented scale and staggering rate. The objective of the college is 
to develop novel methods and approaches towards the quality-oriented 
analysis and exploration of crowdsourced Web 2.0 data.

*Key Facts:*

-Joint Graduate School between the Institute of Computer Science 
http://www.informatik.uni-heidelberg.de/and the Geoinformatics Research 
Group, Department of Geography, http://giscience.uni-hd.de/at Heidelberg 

oaffiliated with the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing 

-Funded by the Landesgraduiertenförderung Baden-Württemberg

-Scholarships are 1 200 Euro per month plus 110 Euro per month for 
travel and other costs.

oadditionally there is support for children between 250 and 350 Euro per 

-For more information on the formal regulations, see

*Potential Research Topics*include (but are not limited to):

-Extraction and enrichment of event-data

-Real-time prediction and finding of alternative routes

-Extending visual object recognition with textual information

-Improving OpenStreetMap data through machine learning

-Crowdsourcing 3D: Fusion of 3D and dynamic geodata from technical and 
human sensors

The *selection* of scholarship holders will be based on quality of the 
candidates and a personal interview for invited candidates. We welcome 
the application of women in particular. The graduate college and 
Heidelberg University aim at providing best possibilities for combining 
research and family affairs.

*Requirements: *

-MSc in Computer Science, Geoinformatics, Geography, Mathematics, or 
related area

-Background in one or more of the following areas: data management, data 
mining, spatial analysis, geocomputation, text mining, Web 2.0, Computer 
Vision, statistical pattern recognition,

-Demonstrated programming experience

-Excellent English skills

-Excellent communication & organizational skills

*Principal Investigators: *

-Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf (/Speaker/)

-Prof. Dr. Michael Gertz

-Jun.-Prof. Dr. Björn Ommer

-Jun.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Höfle

*Applications*shall be directed to Ms. Bettina Knorr 
(bettina.knorr at geog.uni-heidelberg.de 
<mailto:bettina.knorr at geog.uni-heidelberg.de>_, 
_http://giscience.uni-hd.de/) until *_August 15th_* 2012 in digital 
form. Early applications are welcome. The application shall include a 
detailed CV including grades, technical expertise, letters of reference 
and list of publications as well as a short motivation statement (<1 
page) addressing the preferred topic of the PhD.

We offer a stimulating research environment in motivated young teams 
with support by several PostDocs and affiliated PhD students. Heidelberg 
University is one of the top ranked universities in Germany.


Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf
     Chair of GIScience / Geoinformatics
     Department of Geography, University of Heidelberg
     + Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR)
     + Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE)

     zipf at uni-heidelberg.de

     Berliner Straße 48, D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany
     fon: +49(0)6221 / 54 5560 //  fax: +49(0)6221 / 54 4996
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GEDE Mátyás
ELTE Térképtudományi és Geoinformatikai Tanszék, Budapest

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