[Hallgato] Fw: [geovis] PostDoctoral Research Position @ City University London [closing date soon!]

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2012. Júl. 2., H, 10:16:25 CEST

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Subject: [geovis] PostDoctoral Research Position @ City University London
[closing date soon!]

City University London is offering a two-year post-doctoral research 
position in Informatics.

The giCentre is keen to attract applications from those working in 
Geovisualization and Visual Analytics.

We'd like to discuss applications with interested parties before they 
are submitted, so that folks are able to meet the University criteria 

The deadline is a week away, but application only involves a 1,000 word 

Please direct interested parties to:


Jason Dykes
giCentre, City University London
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