Major events of the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics (2019)

IV. 10. The students of the Czuczor Gergely Benedectine Secondary School visit the Lágymányos Campus and the Department. They visited the departmental library and map collection, got a presentation Cartography and geoinformatics, and tested the Google My Maps application.
IV. 7-12.

The conference of European Geosciences Union (EGU) in Vienna. Our presenters (photos):

  • Presentation:
    • Pál M., Albert G.: Managing the spatial variability of geosite assessment in the Balaton Uplands (Hungary)
  • Posters:
    • Elek I., Kovács B., Pál M., Vörös F.: High precision GNSS in autonomous driving
    • Kovács B., Tompos Z., Vörös F.: Inquiry of in-built car navigation systems and UX designs
    • Albert G., Takáts T.: Predictive modelling of forest cover change in the Gerecse Hills, Hungary
  • PICO (Presenting Interactive COntent)
    • Vörös F., Székely B.: Developing methodology for scoria cone morphometry processing
IV. 6. Geo Days in the Lurdy House.
IV. 5. A one-hour live interview on the Beautiful Hungarian Map competition with Gercsák Gábor and Oláh Krisztina (PhD student) on Karc FM Radio.
III. 31.–IV.5. Gede Mátyás takes part in the VESPA implementation workshop with Hargitai Henrik, planetologist.
III. 29. Beautiful Hungarian Map 2019 - opening and announcement of results
III. 21. Albert Gáspár gives a presentation, From the precise GPS measurements of dinosaurs of Iharkút to scientific modelling in the programme of the World Day of Surveyors and Geoinformatics.
III. 19. Book presentation of the publication, 100 years of Hungarian Military Mapping 1919–2019 in the National Public Service University. The book was edited by Buga László, one of the consultants was Gercsák Gábor. The volume was reviewed by Zentai László.
III. 16–31. Irás Krisztina, assistant professor, and Jesús Reyes, associate professor holds a 16-hour course in Rio de Janeiro within the framework of the Erasmus + ICM programme. Irás Krisztina gave a course, Data Driven Cartography in Niteroi, in the Institute of Geography at the Universidade Federal Fluminense, and Jesús Reyes had a course, Geovisualizaҫão e cartografia in Rio de Janeiro, in the GeoCart Laboratory of the Federal University.
III. 8. Handover of MSc degrees
II. 12. Contest of students: 100 years of Hungarian Military Mapping. The team of the Department finished at the 5th place.
II. 1.– Zelenka Balázs, MSc students goes to the University of Olomouc in the Erasmus programme.
Arriving Erasmus students: Sigrid Loyning (Norway) and Jana Ambruzsova (Brno, Czechia)
I. 31. Open Day in the Faculty of Informatics
I. 29. Final exams of BSc students.
I. 18. Open Day in the Faculty of Sciences