Major events of the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics (2013)

XI. 29. Presentation by Elek István at the Lázár Kollokvium
Zentai László gave a presentation, Topographic and tourist maps 1925–1948, at the conference on Ripszám Henrik and the beginnings of orienteering in Hungary until 1948

XI. 22.

Issue 2013/47 of Élet és Tudomány (Life and Science) published a two-page interview (Orienteering and cartography) with Zentai László

XI. 21.

Open Day at the Faculty of Informatics

XI. 20.

Elek István had a presentation, Topology with relational database management at the  ELTE GIS Day. Mesterházy Anna, MSc student had a presentation, Results of town rehabilitation in Józsefváros.

XI. 18.

Gede Mátyás, Márton Mátyás and Nemes Zoltán visited the Great Library of the Reformed College in Debrecen. They took about 250 photographs of the manuscript globes made by students in the early 1800s. These photos will be used for the Virtual Globes Museum. They examined the possibility of taking photos of a beautifully restored celestial globe originally made by Johannes Hevelius in the 1700s.

XI. 15.

The November 2013 issue of GIM International published a one-page report (Outstanding cartographers) on cartography in Hungary.

XI. 8.

Irás Krisztina gave a presentation at the Lázár Kollokvium

XI. 3-10.

Márton Mátyás gave an intensive course on Oceanography in the Babeş–Bolyai University in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca) for fifteen second year BSc students. He continued his Erasmus staff mobility programme by giving lectures on Atlas cartography (part of the Thematic cartography course) for about thirty second year MSc students. The subject included the study of thematic representation methods in the historical atlases Atlas of Central Europe and Events of 1956.

X. 7-9.

Zentai László gave a presentation at the CIGMA 2013 International Conference of Geography and Environment organized by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) and the UN in Mexico City. Title of his paper: Geospatial Information Access and Representation: thematic maps in brave new cartography.

X. 7.

New map librarian of the Department: Kiss Tünde

X. 4.

Gede Mátyás presentation at the Lázár kollokvium

IX. 28-29.

The Department participated in an event popularizing earth sciences in the main building of the Hungarian Institute of Geology and Geopphysics.
Our slogan: "Education, research – learning by playing";
Presented posters:
Bérces Ádám: Eye movement study for improving GIS vvisualization
Gede Mátyás-Márton Mátyás-Ungvári Zsuzsanna: 3D globes on the Internet (Virtual Globes Museum and virtul restoration of globes)
Hillier Domonkos-dr. Török Zsolt Győző: Exploring the Danube;CCartographic visualization of a map from 1833
Mészáros János-dr. Kovács Béla-dr. Zentai László: Use of unmanned aerial systems in remote sensing
Jesús Reyes Nunes: Children map the World; (Notes on an international map drawing competition)
Ungvári Zsuzsanna-Tokai Tibor: Re-creating the 150 year old globe of Perczel
Zsoldi Katalin: 3D maps
Presentters: Márton Mátyás, Bérces Ádám, Mészáros János, Ungvári Zsuzsanna and Zsoldi Katalin

IX. 27.

The Night of Researchers. EEvents by the Department:
Drones in natural sciences - Mészáros János
Let us prepare globes - Gede Mátyás

IX. 25.

5vös 5 km race: Gede Mátyás was the fastest runner

IX. 19-20.

Digital technologies to Cartographic Heritage workshop in Rome
Papers from the Department:
Krisztina Irás, István Elek, Digital Map Collection and Map Database of the Eötvös Loránd University
László Zentai: The way to Cartography 2.0: The implementation of the Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage in Cartography and in the ICA
Participants from the Department: Irás Krisztina, Jeney János, Zentai László.
Light-space-image conference iin Gyöngyös. Participant: Mészáros János.

IX. 19.

Gercsák Gábor and Márton Mátyás were invited members of a board evaluating the application of Bartos-Elekes Zsombor for the position of Associate Professor at the Babes-Bolyai University in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca)

IX. 13.

Zentai László gave a presentation at the Lázár Kollokvium

IX. 7-13.

Jesús Reyes visited Porto and Guimaraes in the framework of Erasmus staff mobility. He gave lectures at both universities: "Um método alternativo de representaçao na  Geografia: os cartogramas ou mapas anamórficos" (An alternative representation in geography: distorted cartograms – anamorphic maps).

IX. 6.

Györffy János received the golden medal of ELTE Pro Universitate Award at the ceremonial opening of the academic year

IX. 2.-

Incoming Erasmus students:
Petya Ancheva Angelova (Bulgaria)
Mariona Romeu Graells (Spain)
Gina Martínez Prats (Spain)

IX. 1.

Györffy János goes to pension

VIII. 25-30.

International Cartographic Conference 2013, Dresden
Presentations from the Department:

  • Jesús Reyes: Smartphone-based school atlases?
  • Zsolt Török: Visualizing in historical context: the study of the Dresden map of Hungary from the 1570s
  • László Zentai: Implementation of Cartographic and Digital Techniques in Orienteering Maps
  • B. Kádár–Mátyás Gede: Where Do Tourists Go? Visualizing and Analyzing the Spatial Distribution of Geotagged Photography
  • Mátyás Gede–Zsuzsa Ungvári–László Zentai: Virtual Globes Museum 2.0 – Adding the Power of Community
  • Mátyás Gede–H. Hargitai–E. Simonné-Dombóvári: “Blind Mouse” on Mars and Moon – a Map Game for Disseminating Planetary Topographic Knowledge
  • László Zentai–Béla Kovács: Cartography in higher education: changes in the last decades
  • Mátyás Gede–János Mészáros: Digital Archiving and On-line Publishing of Old Relief Models
  • Katalin Zsoldi: Budapest 3D underground map
  • Mátyás Gede–C. Petters–G. Nagy–A. Nagy–János Mészáros–Béla Kovács–C. Egri: Laser Scanning Survey in the Pál-völgy Cave, Budapest
  • László Zentai: A less known topographic survey: a 1: 50 000 Scale Military Survey of Hungary (1940-1944)
  • Gáspár Albert–Zsuzsanna Ungvári: Cave Volumetric Studies Based on Archive Maps of the Pál-völgy Cave (Hungary)


  • Zsuzsa Ungvári, R. Szabó: Some aspects of the generalization of small-scale digital elevation models
  • János Jeney, M. Buchroithner: The use of OpenSource technologies for distributing historic maps and creating search engines for searching though the catalogues
  • Zsuzsa Ungvári, Tibor Tokai: The interactive gazetteer of a 150-year-old globe
  • Zsolt Török, Domonkos Hillier: Visualizations of the river Danube based on László Vörös' 1833 hydrographic map
  • János Jeney, M. Buchroithner: Finding the sources of data used for making ethnic maps
  • János Jeney, M. Buchroithner: Ethnic maps of the Hungarian settlement areas from around the world
  • H. Hargitai, Mátyás Gede, Zs. Merk: Geobrowsers vs. Cartographic Artworks: Virtual Planetary Globes Designed for K–12 Education
  • Krisztián Kerkovits, János Györffy, Mátyás Gede: Renewing Cahill’s Equal-Area Butterfly Projection
  • E. Simonné-Dombóvári, Jesús Reyes, G. Gartner, M. Schmidt, A. Rohonczi: Austrian-Hungarian Survey on Chernoff Faces: An Alternative Method of Representation in School Cartography

VIII. 24-30.

Zsoldi Katalin and Ungvári Zsuzsanna PhD students received grant from the Campus Hungary to participate in the international cartographic conference.

VIII. 23-24.

Workshop on Eye Tracking: Why, When, and How? in Dresden organized by the Commissions on Geovisualization and Users.
Paper by Bérces Ádám and Török Zsolt: A homemade, 10 bucks eye tracking system
Workshop on Generalisation and Map Production in Dresden organized by two Commissions (Generalisation and Multiple Representation, Map Production and Geo-Business). Presenntation by PhD student Ungvári Zsuzsanna (Zs. Ungvári-N. Agárdi-L. Zentai: A comparison of methods for automatic generalization of contour lines generated from digital elevation models).

VIII. 23.

Sharing knowledge symosium in Dresden (organized by four ICA commissions, led by Jesús Reyes: Children and Cartography, Training and Education, Planetary Mapping, Maps for the Blind and Visually Handicapped). Section chairs from Hungary: Hargitai Henrik, Jesús Reyes, Zentai László.

VIII. 22-23.

Workshop on Historical Maps, Atlases and Toponymy in Leipzig. Paper from the Department by PhD student Jeney Jánosin the joint meeting of the Commissions on Map History Atlas Cartography: Relation of toponymy and minorities living in the Vojvodina Region in the beginning of the 20th century.

VII. 11-13.

Annual meeting of the Hungarian Society of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing was held in Sopron. Presentations from the Department:
Ungvári Zsuzsanna–Zentai László: Line-simplification algorithms in cartography
Jeney János: Representation methods for the Bácska and Bánság region

VII. 1-2.

MSc final exams

VI. 27.

Albert Gáspár’s presentation at the Lázár Kollokvium

VI. 24-26.

BSc final exams

VI. 24.

Presentation of the book, Tabula Hungariae written by Plihál Katalin (teacher of the PhD school). Reviewed by Klinghammer István in the National Széchenyi Library.

VI. 17.

Horváth Ildikó, counsellor, leaves the Department for a year in the Ministry of Human Resources. The secretary of the Department for a year is Hillier Domonkos, PhD student

VI. 11.

The Department of Hungarian Language and its Research Group on Terminology of the Károli Gáspár Reformed University, the Institute of Hungarian Language and Finno-Ugric Studies of Eötvös Loránd University, and the Hungarian Society of Linguistics organized a workshop, Onomastics and terminology 2.
Márton Mátyás gave a paper, Results of standardizing the undersea feature names in Hungary.

VI. 10.

Albert Gáspár was the co-author of a presentation, Results of structural-geological research in Hungary and international trends, given at the scientific session International trends and Hungary: Sedimentology and Structural-geological Research organized by the Hungarian Academy

Professors Márton Mátyás and Zentai László represented the Department at the first editorial meeting of the Hungarian National Atlas project

V. 31.

Annual reports by the PhD students

V. 24.

60 years of the Department

V. 23-24.

4th conference and exhibition on GIS in Debrecen. Papers from the Department:
Mészáros János: Generation of high-resolution elevation models by open source tools
Gede Mátyás–Ungvári Zsuzsanna–Zentai László: Virtual Globes Museum 2.0
Török Zsolt Győző–Bérces Ádám: Study of GIS visualizations by eye-movement detection
Agárdi Norbert Zsolt–Ungvári Zsuzsanna–Zentai László: Automatic generation of contour lines from elevation models.

V. 22.

Zentai Lászlót received the Lázár deák Medal from the Hungarian Society of Surveying, Cartography and Remote Sensing (MFTTT).
The general assembly of the MFTTT elected Buga László (honorary associate professor of the Department) Vice-Secretary General.

V. 21.

Zentai László meets Milan Konecny, former president of the ICA, in Budapest

V. 15.

Celebration of the establishment of the main levelling point at Nadap 125 years ago. Speech by Klinghammer István, professor emeritus. The Department was also represented by Horváth Ildikó, Kovács Béla and Zentai László.

V. 14.

Image processing by UAV technology by open source and low cost software. Conference in FÖMI. Paper by Mészáros János: Application of UAVs at the Department

V. 13-16.

Geospatial World Forum in Rotterdam. Participant from the Department: Zsoldi Katalin, PhD student. Her paper: Economic and Social data in 3D Thematic Maps.

V. 10.

Ferjan Ormeling, professor emeritus of the Utrecht University, was awarded professor et doctor honoris causa at ELTE

V. 9.

Neumann Day at the Faculty of Informatics. Ferjan Ormeling gave a lecture, Cartography as intentional distortion.
Outstanding Student of the Faculty Award was presented to Bérces Ádám and Kerkovits Krisztián.

V. 5-10.

Márton Mátyás in teacher mobility project gives classes on atlas cartography at the Hungarian Institute of Geography of the Babeş--Bolyai University in Kolozsvár/Cluj.
1. Hungarian geographical atlases in the 20th century
2. Hungarian national atlases in the 20th and 21st century
3. Historical world atlases in Hungarian in the 20th century

V. 3.

Zentai László received the Prize of Civilian Order from the Brazilian Cartographic Society in Rio de Janeiro. He gave a paper, Cartography on Eötvös University at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

IV. 18-19.

National conference of undergraduate research at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Papers by cartography students:
Gregor Rita: Map portal for the reporting of illegal waste dumps
Kerkovits Krisztián András: Butterfly-type octahedron projections for the geocartographic representation of the Earth
Merk Zsófia: Representation of celestial objects by the example of Io
Szabó Timea: 3D interactive tourist guide to Lake Szent Anna

IV. 17-24.

Irás Krisztina in Porto in staff mobility. Her lecture "Digital Methods in Cartographic Analysis"

IV. 2.

In the Hungarian section of the children’s drawing competition of the ICA, Szabó-Feltóthy Laura, 13 year-old pupil from Budapest, received a national prize. Her drawing: We are in the world to be at home somewhere.

IV. 2-30.

Bán Barna, an MSc student of tourism and regional development at the Babeș-Bolyai University spent a month at the Department

III. 25.

João Sarmento, a teacher of the Minho University, Department of Geography, gave two papers in his staff mobility programme:
Postcolonial Lusophone Africa: memory and landscape in Cape Verde
Memory and identity in Fort São Sebastião and Fernão Dias monument, São Tomé é Príncipe

III. 24.

Mészáros János gave a paper, Cartography in the space – Space in cartography at the European Space Expo in Budapest

III. 22.

Opening the Beautiful Hungarian Map exhibition

III. 12.

The Faculty Council accepted the report of Zentai László, head of department, for the period 2008-2013

III. 11.

Visit by Csütörtöky József, director of the Danube Museum in Révkomárom/Komarno and Szabó László photographer. They discussed the building of 3D globe models with Gede Mátyás, Márton Mátyás and Nemes Zoltán. They plan to use the results for the restoration of the museum’s Blaeu’s celestial globe of 1602.

III. 8.

Presentation of the ethnic atlas, „Changing ethnic patterns of the Carpatho-Balkan area” in the Academy. One of the presenters was Klinghammer István academician.

Session of the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences. New name of the PhD programme was accepted: Cartography-Geoinformatics

III. 5.

Bartos-Elekes Zsombor, PhD, teacher at the Babeş--Bolyai University in Kolozsvár/Cluj, our former student, visited the Department. He gave several lectures:
1. Map history of Romania
2. Cartography in the Romanian higher education
3. Map collections in Romania
4. Digital processing of old maps

III. 1.-IV. 30.

Varga Andrea, a student of geography at the II. Rákóczi Ferenc Hungarian College visited classes at the Department

II. 27.

Klinghammer István, professor emeritus of the Department, became state secretary of higher education.

II. 25-III. 17.

Lengyel Hunor, a 3rd year geography student at the Babes--Bolyai University visited classes at the Department

II. 7.

The closing conference of the KMOP 4.2.1/B-10-2011-0002 project, “Interdisciplinary and innovative research, the development of the infrastructure background of industrial cooperation, and introducing new education technologies at ELTE”. Györffy János presented the purchases of the Faculty. Szekerka József showed the working of new equipment of the Department.

II. 6.

Workshop on open source geoinformatics at the BME. Participants from the Depaartment: Gede Mátyás, Mészáros János.

I. 29.

MSc final exams

I. 28.

BSc final exams

I. 25.

Open Day at the Faculty of Science

I. 24.

Open Day at the Faculty of Informatics

I. 4.

Györffy János and Zentai László participated in a conference dedicated to the memory of Hrenkó Pál

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