Major events of the Department of Cartography (2002)

XII. 11-15.
First General Meeting of the Socrates Thematic Network „European Education in Geodetic Engineering, Cartography and Surveying” in Valencia, Spain. Our department was represented by Jesús Reyes.

XI. 25-30.
Kovács Béla and Zentai László gave presentations in Transylvania (Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj) and in Georgheni.

XI. 21.
PhD exam of Jesús Reyes.

XI. 20.

XI. 15-17.
Map Commission meeting of the IOF on our department.

X. 25.
We got a Vidar Atlas 40 Plus large format scanner.

IX. 23-25.
Török Zsolt took part on 10th Coronelli Symposium in Nürnberg. His presentation "Kogutowicz globes: some problems of national globe making in Hungary".

IX. 18.
Jack Dangermond, the President of ESRI visited Mr. Klinghammer, the Rector of the Umiversity. The representants of our department and the ESRI Hungary took part on the session.

IX. 6.
Karsay Ferenc got a Pro Universitate prize.

VIII. 21-25.
GEO2002: Meetin of the Hungarian geoscience experts in Sopron.
Our presentations:
Klinghammer István: The early history of cartographic representation - School atlases, wall maps, globes in the Hungarian schools
Török Zsolt: The role of mapes in regional nature protection: map of the Tapió area
Nemerkényi Zsombor: Magyar László in discovering Africa in the 19th century
José Jesús Reyes Nunez: Teaching basic cartographic knowledge in Portuguese and Hungarian Elementary Schools
Verebiné Fehér Katalin: Maps in Nature protection (poster)

VIII. 2-10.
Jesús Reyes in Brazil.
Diamantina (Minas Gerais): Annual meeting of the ICA Commission on Cartography and Children and the Working Group "Cartografia paras escolares"
Presentation of Jesús: "Teaching maps in Portuguese and Hungarian Elementary Schools", "Applying the Web to teach map concepts in Portuguese and Hungarian Elementary Schools"
Rio de Janeiro: "I Simpósio Ibero Americano de Cartografia para Crianca"
Presentation of Jesús: "Aprendiendo conceptos elementales en las escuelas elementares húngaras"

VII. 16.
Project Presentation of Geoadat Ltd. on our department: "Area based Controlling System of agricultural subvention of European Union".

VII. 9.
The delegation of Petroleum Research Centre (Lybia) visited us leaded by Dr. Bourima A. Belgassem.

VII. 2-7.
Zentai László awarded by the "Bronz pin" of the International Orienteering Federation and he was selected the chairman of the Map Commission for the next (2-years) period..

VII. 3.
Major-general Dursun Bak, the leader of the Turkish Military Mapping Office visited us.

VI. 28.
Release of a new book: "Political geography of the global World". One of the author is Zentai László.

VI. 19.
PhD exam of Põdör Andrea

VI. 12.
Juhász Péter PhD student got a prize "For the education of Hungarian mathematics".

V. 27-VI.2.
Zentai László in Helsinkiben and St. Petersburg on ICA CET meeting and Intercarto-8 Conference

V. 28-29.
Opeining ceremony of the exhibition of "100 years of Finnish National Atlases and a scientific meeting on our department

V. 9.
Spitzer Tamás got an "excellent student" prize of the Faculty.

IV. 22.
Map Exhibition in the Hungarian Geological Institute

IV. 4.
Release of Studia Cartologica, Chapter 12

III. 22.
Two Map Exhibitions in the National Library:
Estonian mapping history
Beautiful Hungarian maps 2001

III. 21.
Starting, our map server, with DTA-200 (digital topographic map)

III. 19.
Opening the exhibition of "100 years of the National Atlases of Finland" in Vienna. Our representants: István Klinghammer, Katalin Verebi.

III. 12.
The Giant Globe

II. 21.- VII. 30.
Irás Krisztina and Medveczky Péter got Erasmus-scholarship (Porto).

II. 10-III. 2.
Nemerkényi Zsombor PhD student in Lisboa (Magyar László research).

I. 23.
Our webserver were hacked, but it was restarted in 24 hours.

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