Important events of the Department of Cartography (1996)

XII. 17.
We have more than 100 Mbs information on our webserver.
XII. 2-21.
Visits of István Klinghammer in Germany: Fachhochschule Karlsruhe, Freie Universität Berlin.
XI. 16-17.
Tempus (Phare Joint European Project) Advisory Board meeting in Budapest.István Klinghammer and László Zentai take part.
XI. 1-5.
Zsolt Török takes part on the 50th Anniversary of Thunderbird(The American Graduate School of International Management) Celebrationin Glendale (USA, Arizona), where he presents a Münster America mapto the school. Presentation at ITIC Media Room Cartart FacTsimile: Mapsand Globes.
X. 17-18.
7. for the Environment seminar and exhibition in the Hungarian StateGeological Institute.
István Klinghammer "External effects on cartography - aestheticsand harmony in modern cartography".
X. 3-6.
Zsolt Török gives a presentation on the 8th Map History Conference in Zürich.
IX. 20.
Zoltán Vekerdy became PhD (in English)
VIII. 30.-IX. 8.
National Agricultural andFood Industry Exhibition in Gödöllõ
VIII. 29.
Representatives of Freytag& Berndt firm from Vienna visit our department
VIII. 28.
Joint Conference in Debrecen (Networkshop/Informatics in Higher Education)
Our presentations:
Jesus Reyes: Digital cartography - present and future
László Zentai: Possibilities of cartography on the web (he wasnot able to take part beacuse of our financial problems)
In the content category our site is the winner on the
Conference's Web Sites Competition

VIII. 26.
László Zentai takes part on the Initial Workshop of DistanceLearning GIS project. He is responsible for the module Computer Aided Cartography.
VIII. 12-23.
HUNGEO '96 exhibition (geography and cartography)
Opening ceremony of HUNGEO '96 conference
VIII. 9.
SusanneDombrowski finishing her Hungarian research took a presentation in Hungarian(!)
VII. 4.
Presentation by István Klinghammer: "The centuries of Hungariancartography" on the annual meeting of Hungarian Association of Geodesy,Cartography and Remote Sensing
V. 25.
Cartographer wedding: Imre Faragó and Szilvia Huszár former cartographer students.
V. 2-5.
"Hungarian Map Festival" in Székesfehérvár conference and exhibition
Our presentations:

IV. 18-22.
Dr. Kurt Brunner, the professor of "Bundeswehr Univesität", München, visited us. The title of his presentation:
"Digital processing of traditional maps - theory and pratice".
New hardwares: our first Pentium motherboard and second laserprinter(HP 5MP).
The second volume of the Hungarian Catholic Encyclopedia (Bor-Éhe) was published with 7 maps made by our students (Edit Warholik, János Horváth, István Vellai)
III. 25.-IV. 2.
László Zentai visited Utrecht University Dept. of Cartography, The Netherlands.
III. 20.
Price-giving and opening ceremony of the "Fair Hungarian Map"competition and exhibition.
I. 26.
Presentation of István Klinghammer at the "Universitätder Bundeswehr, München"
Title: "Hungarian Map History".
I. 22.
The local network of our department is finally connected to the Internet.

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