6.2. Main groups of the data quality

Quality requirements of data cover:

The data quality characteristics are with the levels of data in connection as follows:
Connection between the main data quality groups and the different levels of data is presented by the following table.

DATObject classes
Object groups
Object sortsPrimitivesAttributes types
Origin-+ +++
Geometrical quality-+ ++-
Attribute quality-+ --+
Up-to-dateness++ +++
Data consistency++ ---
Completeness of the attributes++ ---
Completeness of the objects++ ---
Data protection++ +++
Realisibility++ ---

In connection with the origin of the data the data supplier has to give the following information:

a) who is the owner or the data manager,
b) which organization did perform the acquisition of the geometrical and attribute data,
c) to which of reference surface do refer and in which of projection system were the geometrical (only on level DAT) produced,
d) which instruction did regulate the acquisition of geometrical data and the up-dating of data,
e) what kind of accuracy categories do refer to the acquisition of geometrical data,
f) which were the source materials and what kind of transformations were carried out on them,
g) with which technique was carried out the acquisition of the attribute data,
h) what kind of quality categories are known for the attribute data
i) when were the acquisition, or up-dating of the geometrical and the attribute data carried out,
j) which are the content relationships of the furnished data,
k) how is ensured the trustworthiness of the data (data checking with sample taking, verification process).

The quality of the geometrical and attribute data is treated in sub-chapter 6.3. in details. The quality of attribute data - in dependence of the type of data - can be given with accuracy value in percentage or with text.

Up-to-dateness of the data can be expressed with time of data entry and the alteration or cancellation, which is to give as date.

The data consistency will tell, how the whole of rules concerning the data structure, objects and attributes were realized on the level data or data group. It is to give with text.

The completeness of the attributes and objects shows the completeness of the proper elements of the database resulted in comparison with the presented in the DAT in percentage. (E.g. if each of the classes of object except the "Transportation" are presented, then the completeness of the former is 100%, that of the latter is 0%). As an extension it is also present in text.

The data protection regulates the restriction, freedom of the access on the level of competence. It's possible elements (e.g. secret classified, for authorized use only, etc.) are to give with discrete character variables.

Commands and standpoints related to the releasibility are to formulate with text.

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