Description directory of the Hungarian Geodetic Reference

Budapest, June 1995
  1. Introduction
  2. Description Directory for EOV Projection System
  3. Description Directory for HD-72 Datum and Reference System
  4. Transformation of EOV coordinates to HD-72 Datum
  5. Transformation parameters from HD-72 Datum to Global Ones - Important corrections were made in June 2002
  6. Differences between the Altitude References
  7. Other reference system and projections used in Hungary
  8. Source of Information
  9. ANNEX: Formulas for computation from IUGG GRS 1967 ellipsoid to EOV projection and from EOV projection to IUGG GRS 1967 ellipsoid

Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing,
Address: H-1051 Budapest Sas u. 19.
Phone: (36-1)-269-45-66; Fax: (36-1)-269-45-60
Š FÖMI, 1995

Compiled by Dr. Sz. Mihály
Fourth edition

The recent Description Directory is bilingual. It is written and distributed in English and Hungarian. It means that the Hungarian version fully equivalent to this English one is available for the reader any time.
This Description Directory has been prepared in FÖMI in frame of an OMFB-FM-FÖMI project No. OMFB-93-95-0003 sponsored by the National Committee of Technological Developments.
Acknowledgement is given to Dr. József Ádám and Dr. József Varga for their checking the formulas and the text.

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