6.2.1 Background and objectives
After the DLM had submitted a proposal for financial assistance and another proposal for technical assistance and training to the Swiss Government in 1993, the Federal Office for Foreign Economic Affairs (FOFEA) approved a project for financial assistance and services for the establishment of a digital cadastral map management system in Budapest and know-how transfer of experience with the Swiss Reform of the Cadastral Survey. In order to provide the necessary technical assistance to help implementing this project and to coordinate the know-how transfer program, ITV AG was chosen as a consultant.
The objective of the Swiss project is to assist the Hungarian authorities in the setting up an LIS in Budapest and in their "Reform of the Cadastral Survey" as part of the National Cadastral Programme.
This goal will be achieved by supplying technical equipment, project management and consulting services to the Hungarian authorities accompanied by a know-how transfer program which provides for an exchange of experience from the Swiss Reform of the cadastral survey.

LIS Budapest

The provision of equipment serves to improve the efficiency and quality of the services of the Budapest Land Offices (CLO and DLO). in the Budapest Land Office. The following land information management processes have been identified which need improvement:

Know-how transfer of the experience "Reform Cadastral Survey"

As mentioned above, the know-how transfer from the Swiss reform of cadastral survey is a major goal of this project. This Know-how transfer will address national issues and is not restricted to Budapest.
This objective will be achieved with a series of workshops of 1 - 2 days or seminars covering the following topics:

A detailed plan for this program will be worked out together with the DLM. Additional support like the participation of Hungarian professionals in courses in Switzerland and study tours to Switzerland might be considered as well. The audience for this program will be recruited from:

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