6.1.3 Expected Benefits of the Project
The direct benefit of this project will be the provision of systems at the District Land Offices and County Land Offices which will support the integration of the property boundary information (cadastral maps) with the property sheet records (legal and administrative data). These systems will also support the loading of the digital compensation data, which is currently stored on a variety of temporary media, and is therefore subject to uncertainty and potential loss or damage. There are also wider benefits to the project and to Hungary.

Specific benefits to the Land registration sector:

Specific benefits to support the economic transition process The modernisation of the Land Registration Sector will support the safe and secure management of the land and property ownership records (legal & administrative records and cadastral maps). This will provide for the security of title to land and property, support security for credit purposes, develop the private sector conveyancing capabilities, stimulate land markets and will maintain the state as the absolute guarantor of title. At the same time, the rich national asset of the land and property records will be developed to support the market transition process through the provision of information, services and derived products to other governmental sectors, NGO's local government and private and public enterprises.

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