In line with the Act on Surveying and Mapping Activities, which came into force on 1 March, 1997, responsibility for topographic maps is divided between MoA DLM and the Mapping Agency of HHDF as follows:

1:10 000 seriesDepartment of Lands and Mapping of the Ministry of Agriculture
scales larger than 1:10 000 up to 1:250 000 Mapping Agency of the HHDF

The status of Unified National Map System (EOTR) sheets is as follows:

The revision of these maps is inevitable with special attention on the 1:10 000 scale sheets. In frame of the EU-Harmonisation Programme of the Ministry of Agriculture, the 1:100 000 scale EOTR sheets have been digitized. Recently, the following products of the Digital Topographic Database (DTT-100) are available: A strategic plan of digitizing and receiving the 1:10 000 scale topographic base maps of Hungary has been elaborated. The MoA DLM is also responsible for the registration and supply of officially approved geographical names. The digital database contains about 80,000 names of administrative units, relief, hydrography, natural conservancy areas shown in the 1:100,000 topographic series.

The military DTA50 1:50 000 digital topographic database developed by MA HHDF, released later this year including the Digital Elevation Model (DDM-50) in the Unified National Map System and in Gauss-Krüger projection system.
In the year 1996 the Mapping Agency of HHDF completed the development of the 1.0 Version of its Digital Mapping Database (DTA-50) for the whole territory of Hungary with a total size of 1.0 Gbyte, available on CD ROM, based on the 1:50 000 scale military topographic maps.

Mention should be made, products in digital form are also available on the market. E.g. the OTAB (geographic map database fulfilling the requirements of 1:200 000 scale, developed by GEOMETRIA Systems House Ltd, on the base of 1:100 000 scale EOTR maps to provide background for GIS in the 1 :100 000 - 1:1 000 000 scale range (its size is about 35 Mbyte).

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