The so-called gold crown system introduced in Hungary in the second half of the past century is still in power for expessing the value of the agricultural land. Since its introduction, this system had served its original purpose more or less well . But during the passed more than 100 years, the system itself and its method became old fashioned. It is only Hungary where it is still in power and use. Maybe its survival contributed to the fact that the arrangement of the land ownership conditions, the compensation by land, the reallotment of the land to the coop-members on the basis of the original property value and in general, the privatization - all these procedures need and use the values of the old golden crown valuation system, since it is operating as a link between the past and present. The golden crown system indicating the quality of the agricultural land, promotes highly the arrangement of the property conditions. Consequently, at least till the time when finishing that arrangement, the validation of the gold crown system should be maintained.
The elaboration of a new land valuation system began in 1980, in which the general effect of the natural factors (soil, relief, climate, hidrology etc.) is shown by what is called site value index extending from 1 to 100. In the first stage, the sample area method was applied: this operation was brought into completion. In the second stage, from 1986 on, the realization of the new land valuation was going with the method based on soil maps, and until the end of 1990 the new land values have been worked out for 20 % of the total agricultural area of the country. From 1991 the activities aiming at the new land valuation are suspended, because of the renewal of the gold crown system. In the way of the continuation the lack of financial sources and the grave pressure of work on the land offices are standing. Further progress and the completion can be expected only over 2000.

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