A part of the land registers contains numerical data which have been put on computers as early as in the 1970s. These computerized data served as basis for the yearly summaries of cultivated areas all over the country which were used in taxation and awarding agricultural subsidies. Treating the computerized data, however, meant parallel operations for the land offices, since the changes had to be entered into the property sheets manually, too.
In order to meet the the requirements of our modern age, current developments were and are necessary for the land offices. In due course of the development of the modern technique, the purchase of the personal computers took place, which offered a possibility for computerizing the land registers, too, and the financial basis to that could be provided by the PHARE Aid Programme.
In favour of the automated land registration, in the recent years a software was developed in the Institue of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (FÖMI) for the so called decentralized computers treating the computerized property sheets : this software was introduced in the land offices, simultaneously with the purchase of the local networks of microcomputers in the framework of the PHARE, and then putting the legal data on computers could be commenced, too.
This operation is carried out by community units. When the control of the legal data being on the microcomputers is finished, there will be no need to enter the changes of the property sheets manually anymore. From that time on, all the activities will be performed by computers. For the time being, as of February 1997- property sheet data of 88% are loaded and legally valid. The whole task is expected to be completedby May 1997, i.e. the computerisation of data from about 11 million property sheets, in the 115 rural district land offices. The completion of the similar task in the Budapest District Land Offices is expected by the end of 1997.
However, the development should be continued in the following time, because there is also a need for putting the maps on computers. Carried out in conjunction with the land reform for the interest of compensation by landnd in the areas of the former co-ops where the land is reallotted to the co-op-members on the basis of the original property value, the recent surveys have been brought about by such a method that the border points of the new landed properties are in digital form and being at disposal in the land offices. The solution of the complete administrative task of the land offices with the financial help of the PHARE is currently underway, where the official activities are done in integrated form.
Further details of the project computerizing the land registers are explained in 6.1.

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