3.1.11 Geography of Hungary

TR-612III. course 2.semesterGeography of Hungary2+2discussion session grade
final exam grade

Physical geography, especially natural resources of Hungary. Natural environmental potential of Hungarian regions.
Paleogeographic development.
Mineral raw materials, rocks.
Relief, climate, hydrography, flora, fauna, soils and regions of Hungary

TR-712IV.course 1.semesterGeography of Hungary2+2discussion session grade
university exam grade

Basis of the Hungarian economy, general features.
Natural basis of the economy (natural resources, exploitation, aftermath, conditions of the environment).
Social basis of the economy (economic environment, population, employment, guidance of economy).
General features of the national economy (development tendencies, structure).
Important sections of the Hungarian economy, their location.
Industry (mining, metallurgy, machine industry, chemical industry, light industry, food industry)
Agriculture (territory, leasehold, important sections).
Traffic (transport, international economical relationship, tourism).
Settlements, administration, municipality:
The development of settlements.
Administration, municipality


Mineral resources and their exploitations (energy-sources, ores, non-metallic minerals)
Population geography: difference in natural increase by counties. Domestic migration. Employment.
Settlement-network patterns.
Structural changes in the industry.
Development of the machine industry, territorial connections.
Changes occured in the chemical industry, developing and retrograde sections. Pharmaceutical and plastic industry.
Structure of light and construction industry.
Growing and consuming cereals.
Growing and processing industrial plants, analysis of changes.
Growing of vegetables and fruits. Location of canning industry.
Animal husbandry, processing animal products. Location of meat and milk industries.
The function of transport in the Hungarian economy.
Main questions about economy of water-supplies.
Introducing tourist regions.
Analysing changes occured in foreign trade.

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