ISOM/2000 Finalised

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to announce the availability of the printed booklet version of the ISOM/2000. The booklet is the first to include "harmonised" map specifications and guidelines for:

The booklet (in English) is immediately available through the IOF secretariat. The price is set to 30 FIM. Special terms (volume discounts etc. may be negotiated with the Secretary General.

The release of the booklet, together with the publication of the full ISOM/2000 on the Internet finalises the ISOM/2000 Project. A project which was initiated at the IOF Congress in Jerusalem 1996, and which has been an ongoing task for the MC since then.
ally spread group of recognised orienteering mapping experts. Results has been presented and discussed by the IOF member federations at two major occasions, the ICOM:s in Grimstad 1997 and in Inverness 1999.

The project becoming formally closed at the IOF MC meeting in Graz in August, I want to take the opportunity to again express my personal, as well as the IOF:s, sincere Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the ISOM/2000 result. We all know that two the project.

When finalising and closing a project, one should always be ready for new challenges. As has been suggested by e.g. Håvard Tveite and others, a follow up to the ISOM/2000 could well be a project that addresses the applications for different disciplines.

1st June 2000

With Orienteering Regards,
Björn Persson, chairman
IOF Map Committee