Sarolta Monspart

Born on the 17th of November 1944.
The first non-Scandinavian female world champion in this kind of sport (1972, Staré Splavy, Czechoslovakia).
National champion's titles: 14 times in individual, 12 times in team and 8 times in relay.
Member of the Hungarian national orienteering team between 1962-78.
She was the first Hungarian to start on a ski orienteering race.
Her trainers: Sándor Garay, Dénes Simon, Lajos Vittek.
In cross-country skiing, 5 individual and 16 team national champion's titles and member of the national team between 1973-1977.
As an athlete, the first European women to run the Marathon race within three hours (1972), Athletic trainer: Lajos Rózsavölgyi.

1967 - Graduates at ELTE University Budapest, Faculty of Science as teacher of mathematics and physics.
1967-1968 - Teacher in an elementary school.
1968-1969 - Teacher of mathematics and physics at a renowned grammar school in Budapest.
1969-1972 - Collaborator of the Hand Weaver's.
1973-1979 - Executive at the Sports Department of Private Craftmen's and Private Merchants' National Federation.
25th June 1978 - A tickborne viral encephalitis infection forces her to abandon her career as a sportswoman.
1979 - Graduates as sport organizer at the College of Physical Education.
1980 - Graduates as trainer and specialized trainer for orienteering at the College of Physical Education.
1980-1989 - Team leader of the Hungarian National Orienteering Federation.
1982 - Member of the Presidency of the International Orienteering Federation.
1988 - Member of the Hungarian Sports Aid's Board of Trustees.
1989 - Master trainer's degree.
1990 - Collaborator of the National Institute for Health Protection, in charge of physical activity.
1994-97 - Vice President of the International Orienteering Federation.

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