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2011. Sze. 22., Cs, 19:48:03 CEST

WIC are international holding company, specialized in development of complex,
leading edge projects in the insurance industry.

The Company is a virtue of the most advanced, modern and
flexible business models aiming at the result-oriented(or added value-based) performance.

We offer excellent benefits for its employees including competitive salaries,
regular salary reviews and performance based bonus system, great working conditions, medical insurance,
flexible working hours, and a chance for international travel.

We are building a world-class company on a strong foundation of world-class people.
Thus we aim to hire reliable, experienced and responsible employee for the position Representative.

 Processing customer feedbacks
 Analyzing the customer problems 
 Communicating with our office representatives 
 Managing database

 Critical style of thinking
 Intermediate and above level of spoken English and up-intermediate of written English,
  technical reading/writing is obligatory 

Join the team of bright and ambitious professionals for a chance to be at
the forefront of the latest trends and opportunities.

WIC excellent benefits package includes:
 Competitive salaries
 Company stock ownership
 Regular salary reviews 
 Performance based bonus system
 Flexible working hours
 Opportunity for international travel

If you are interested, please reply to: Edwardo at careers-consult.com,Thank you!

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