FINAL DRAFT 2004 - 24 April 2004
International Specification for Sprint Orienteering Maps

Final draft 2003
This specification replaces the Chapter 8 of ISOM2000

Timeframe after the final draft


The Map Commission within the International Orienteering Federation is responsible for all matters related to orienteering maps, such as map standardisation, development, education and quality assurance. It is a body under the IOF Council. The ISSOM project started in 2001, as a result of the Leibniz Convention.
The sprint discipline was in 2001 included in theWorld Orienteering Championships programme, and the Map Commission is responsible for establishing a map standard for sprint orienteering. The ISSOM project is a "fast track", low budget standardisation effort compared to the ordinary ISOM (the International Specification for Orienteering Maps) standardisation work. Our previous project was the ISOM2000 project, an update of ISOM, with special emphasis on the use of digital technology. The Commission spent about 3 years on the ISOM2000 project, being able to form a working group, a reference group, produce 7 offset testprints, etc.
Sprint orienteering is something new.We have had park maps previously, but sprint events can take place in forests, in urban areas and even in mixed environments. To establish a mapping standard for this new discipline is much more complicated then for traditional orienteering in the forest. So, what we publish now is just a final draft.We are waiting for feedback, and we want to collect experiences at WOC2003.

The structure of this document is based on ISOM2000. In some places we have followed the logical order of ISOM2000, so some of the numbers are not in ascending order. We have tried to distinguish between the semantics of a feature and its graphics implementation. For instance, minor watercourse (307) in the ISOM2000 has been kept in the ISSOM, but the graphics implementation of 307.1 in the ISSOM is the same as the graphics implementation for 306 in the ISOM2000. The semantics are the same, but the graphics implementation is different (and in this case, the graphics implementation is the same as for a feature with different semantics in the ISOM2000).
This file is a final draft, and we do not plan to make big changes in it in the next few months, but minor corrections may occur. The corrections will be listed on the MC website and the PDF file will be updated (check the date). You can download an OCAD template file which is based on this final draft. For additional information you can visit this website:

Budapest, 28 February 2003

László Zentai (chairman), Thomas Gloor (project leader)
MC members: Sergio Grifoni, Jukka Liikari, Sören A. Nielsen, Erik E. Peckett, Havard Tveite.

The whole ISSOM 2003 in PDF format (359 kB)