Minor changes accepted in August 2003 and in January 2004

Water and Marsh symbols - Delete black bank line from symbols 301 Lake, 304 Uncrossable river and 309 Uncrossable marsh.

Man-made Features - Add Foot-O symbols 510 Visible path junction, 511 Indistinct junction, 513 Crossing point with bridge, 514 Crossing point without bridge.

Water and Marsh symbols - Symbols 301 Lake and 304 Uncrossable river. For large lakes and wide rivers, using 50% blue fill, a 100% blue bank line (0.25 mm) may be used in place of the black bank line.

Man-made Features - Change definitions for 813 Track: slow riding to delete the words "infrequently used"; and for 815 Track: difficult to ride to delete the words "rarely used" (these changes are also incorporated in the revised track symbols below, however they should be considered separately if the changes to the track classification system are rejected).

Overprinting - Symbol - this section has changed after the MTBO Commission help in April 2004 (Wien)
714 Dangerous objects across tracks or paths. This symbol should be purple, to be consistent with use of course overprinting for Foot-O.