8th International Conference on Orienteering Mapping


1 August 1999, Charleston Academy Community Complex, Inverness, Scotland


8th International Conference on Orienteering Mapping

The IOF Map Committee welcomes you to the 8th International Conference on Orienteering Mapping that will take place in conjunction with the World Orienteering Championships in Inverness, Scotland. The conference has become a traditional biennial event where map makers from around the world discuss and share information about the latest: mapping standards, techniques and developments in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

We are convinced that the 8th ICOM will live up to the successes of its predecessors, and we especially look forward to presenting the proposed new ISOM standard to you all. The programme has been arranged to make it possible for you to take part in the public races and attend the WOC opening ceremony.

Once again, the IOF Map Committee welcomes you to Inverness, Scotland and we look forward to meeting you there.

The conference will take place in Invemess close to the WOC centre. The conference programme has yet to be finalized, though the main theme will be ISOM 2000.

Should any participant wish to make a small presentation at the conference could they provide a brief synopsis with their registration (preferably by 30th June).

Sunday 1st August 1999
13:30 Registration
14:30 Opening of part one
17:30 Closing of part one

This timetable will allow delegates to compete at Day 2 of Highland 99 (please mention on your Highland '99 entry form that you are attending ICOM and wish to have an early start time for Day 2) and also attend the WOC opening ceremony.

Monday 2nd August 1999
08:30 Opening of part two
19:30 Closing of part two

The participation fee is GBP 10- (pounds sterling) which should be paid upon registration on the first day. Applications deadline is 25th July 1999 and should be either sent by mail or e-mail to:
Mail: IOF Map Committee, 53 Cavendish Drive, Hagley, Stourbridge DY9 OLR, England
E-mail: cshaw@btintemet.com

The map committee has been unable to secure a block booking for conference delegates but all participants may book official IOF accommodation, an entry form for accommodation can be found at the back of WOC 99 Bulletin 2. Your federation should have copies of Bulletin 2, alternatively copies can be obtained by writing to:
WOC99 Office The Sports Centre Bught Park Inverness IV3 5SS Scotland
or e-mailing: highland99@btintemet.com

Deadline for entry of official WOC accommodation is 30th April 1999.

Alternatively accommodation can be booked through `The Highlands of Scotland Tourist Board', booking forms are included in the Highland 99 invitation. To contact the Tourist Board write to:
The Highland of Scotland Tourist Board Castle Wynd
Inverness IV2 3BJ Scotland
or e-mailing: admin@host.co.uk

In conjunction with WOC99, six public races known as Highland 99 are to be held during WOC week, entry forms for Highland 99 can be obtained from the WOC office at the address shown_ above.
If entering the public races please mention on the entry form that you are attending ICOM and request an early start for Day 2.

Sunday 1 August, Charleston Academy Community Complex Inverness
13.30 Registration
14.30 Opening of part one, Welcome
Björn Persson, chairman IOF Map Committee 14.40 Map making in the UK
Brian Pekett, chairman Brittish Orienteering Federation Map Committee
15.10 Map quality as part of the Total Quality Management (TQM) of an event Chris Shaw, IOF Map Committee
15.45 Coffee
16.10 Four colour techniques for map reproduction
Explaining the ISOM/2000 recommendations for four colour printing. Knut-Olov Sunde, ISOM/2000 Project Team
17.00 New Instructors Kit based on CD-ROM, presentation Sören Nielsen, IOF Map Committee
17.30 Closing of part one
(WOC99 Opening Ceremony starts 19.00)

Monday 2 August, Charleston Academy Community Complex Inverness
08.30 Opening of part two
08.40 Map making for Trail Orienteering
Brian Parker, Brittish Orienteering Federation
09.30 Guidelines for park- or ultra short orienteering maps Bjorn Persson, IOF Map Committee
10.00 ISOM/2000 Block
Andreas Dresen and Laszlo Zentai, lOF Map Committee

o Presentation of the suggested final version of the ISOM/2000 Special focus on major changes in comparison to ISOM/90, discussion
o ISOM/2000 Open Items
Reviewing items that may still be open for decisions, discussion
Breaks at: coffee 10.30, lunch 12.45, coffee 16.15

19.00 Closing of the 8th ICOM.