[Tajfutas] Hungarian TORUS TempO Trophy 10. forduló

Kelemen János kelemen.janos111 at t-online.hu
2021. Okt. 22., P, 19:00:16 CEST


Ha jön a hónap utolsó szerdája, akkor Hungarian TORUS TempO Trophy 
futam. Most a 10.

Hol? Békásmegyeren.

Segítek: itt - http://admin.mtfsz.hu/fajl/get/fajl_id/26386/tipus/render

vagy itt - http://admin.mtfsz.hu/fajl/get/fajl_id/26387/tipus/render

Futva, kerékpárral? Online.

Gyere, jó lesz! "Szívjál" te is!


És még:

Hi all,

finally, we completed the list of competitions for the Autumn series.
Unfortunately, we have found only 6 setters in both classes, so this
series will be shorter than the other regular series used to be.

We will start immediately after the Halloween - on Tue 2nd Nov - with
a Halloween Race (at least in the B class) and continue in the normal
mode (Tue/Thu) for three weeks. So don't be frightened and come...

And don't forget to the next Hungarian Trophy race at Oct 27th...

But regarding to the Torus idea continuation - I want to ask everyone
who has the experience and opportunities - join us to prepare new races.
Look athttp://torus.yq.cz/organizers.pdf: half of the planning work was
done by 10 people and three quarters were done by 5 countries...! If the
rest of you want to compete, you have to help us. Otherwise we will close
the cup.

Sincerely, LF


Üdv, Janó

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