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Take a look at  that coolest stuff ever! You've never seen something  like  that I swear! Here, check this out http://bit.do/dxiCd


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Primordia!  I love the old  LucasArts point and click adventures and these days  Wadjet  Eye are carrying on that tradition. I've enjoyed  the Blackwell series, Resonance and Gemini Rue but everything about Primordia has  stuck with me longer.  Sure, some of the puzzles  required me  going online but  when  the world that game created  is  so engrossing I  can let  it slide.

Oh  and in the same vein  of game whose world and mythology I adore  is Neo Scavenger.  It's a terrific and unique  take  on the post-apocalypse  set  in  Michigan of all  places. I liked the  myth building and how the game  reveals itself piece by  piece.  It's also a great example of  a successful  Early Access Game made  by mostly  one guy and has a  small but  enthusiastic community.

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