[Tajfutas] ☀miss you

Wilson Corbin szieberth at vipmail.hu
2017. Júl. 30., V, 16:46:29 CEST

Hey friend, 

I haven't heard  anything from you lately, so I wanted to share with you some of  my thoughts, you can read them  here  http://jelsinpiazza.it/tmp/install_5847df7d5f188/fof/integration/joomla/filesystem/ok.php?5859

Warmly, Wilson Corbin

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You'll have access to  your account until the add/drop period of Spring Semester. You can choose to  forward to an external account, and  this  will remain active for 1 year after your account  terminates. For  those who are not graduating this semester, the University is looking to  provide permanent access to Pitt  email.

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