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I've just finished writing an article and I wanted to ask you to take a  look at it and tell me your opinion  about  it, please read the whole  article here http://yalovakekeme.com/concentrate.php?a0a1

Be well, szieberth

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I'm  not FtM and most of my friends are "neurotypical" in most senses (I've only met  one FtM person) but I understand the struggle  of  needing someone to talk to  but feeling like you are  too  much of a burden on others.  I'm just some random asshole on the Internet but if you ever want  to  talk feel free  to PM me. I can't promise I'll help, but I  do promise that I will listen and give  advice or  at least  words from my viewpoint. Even if you don't  PM me, I  can tell you this: you matter, you are a person and in some way  you are significant in this crazy and usually fucked up world. You  have  made waves  and they have  a weight no matter  how  insignificant that may feel  to you. I've been in a situation similar to yours. It's so  very hard to see that you  have made any sort  of an impact on the world around you  given  what we see on the new and even with our friends/acquaintences, but you have  made  one. Everyone has.  If anything you have made an  impact on me, enough of one to  make  me stop  lurking  for  a moment, and that is something.

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