[Tajfutas] Erasmus+ Program

Zentai László lzentai at caesar.elte.hu
2014. Jan. 22., Sze, 21:38:43 CET

Hátha valakit érdekel ez az új lehetőség az Erasmus+ megindulásával.
Inge Bosina egy Albániában dolgozó osztrák, aki szeretne egy ilyen  
pályázatot beadni. Én találkoztam vele személyesen is.
Akit érdekel a pályázat vegye fel vele a kapcsolatot e-mailen.


----Messaggio originale----
Da: inge_office at satlink.al
Ogg: Erasmus+ Program

Dear Orienteering friends,
I wish you a happy new year!
And to make this year even better I plan to make a project proposal for an
orienteering project to the EU.
On 22 january there is an opening event for the new Erasmus+ program in
Vienna where I hope to get the necesssary informations and support. To
prepare this, I want to know who of you wants to be a partner of such a
project and in which fields.
If you don´t have it already you can find more informations under the
following links:



Basics with deadlines :

If you are interested and have some ideas or questions, please contact me
still this week, so that I can prepare for the event.

Looking forward for your proposals

Best greetings

P.S. You may forward this mail to whom you think is interested.

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