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Fri Apr 26 14:03:42 CEST 2019

Dear Students,

The Department organizes a one-day field trip to the Buda Mountains on 1
May. This trip is compulsory for the 2nd year BSc students, but we also
welcome international MSc and PhD students. The tour will start from Tisza
István tér in Nagykovácsi village at 9:00. This is the final stop of city
bus 63, which leaves from Hűvösvölgy station. As Nagykovácsi is out of the
city borders, you will have to validate an extra ticket on the bus. The
route (about 14 km) is as follows: Nagykovácsi – Nagy-Kopasz (Csergezán
Lookout Tower) – Tarnai-pihenő – Hármashatár – Nagy-Sziklafal (Rock wall) –
Kakukk-hegy – Budakeszi (by about 14:00). The guide is Gáspár Albert,
associate professor.

Shopping is available only in Nagykovácsi and Budakeszi.

Best regards,
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