[StipHu] Possible thesis topics for second year students

Veronika Kiss k.vera0412 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 10:30:42 CET 2018

Dear Students,

For those who have not chosen a topic for their master thesis yet, here are
some ideas from the professors:

Dr. Krisztina Irás
*Old Maps*
New Technologies: Creating a geodatabase, thematic layers and
an interactive version of an antique map. This task needs historical and
cartographic research, GIS and web programming
*Sports and GIS*
Foreign Affairs: economic and cultural connections between your country
and the EU (with sepatare section on the connections with Hungary) all
shown in a GIS based, interactive web site.

Dr. Albert Gáspár
*Testing the map reading skills of foreign-speaking people - preparation
and evaluation of existing user tests in one of the following languages:
Arabic, Hindi, Kazakh. *
The aim is to adapt the existing test of the Research Group of Experimental
Cartography (link here) to be usable in the concerning countries. The
student's task is to initiate the testing and evaluate the results using
statistics. The task starts with the preparation of the test maps, the
translation of the existing English texts into one of the mentioned
languages, handling of the web-database of the results (mySql), testing the
online appearance of the questionnaire, and disseminating the test among
potential subjects. The aim is to collect at least 100 valid fill from
foreign-speaking users.

Dr. Jesus Reyez
- Role of map-based web services in school cartography
- Proposals for the teaching of map concepts at elementary and/or secondary
schools in your country

Dr. Gábor Gercsák
- The problems of transcribing geographical names.
- The problems of translating geographical names

Don't forget, that you should give your Master thesis submission to me
until December 3.
As an attachment, you can find a file which contains the submission form,
the consultation form, and important information about the thesis.

Best regards,
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