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FYI - The catalog, ‘A map perspective on the sustainable development goals’ is now in print. Our Commission prepared the poster for SDG 17. As you can see from the message below the catalog, as well as individual posters, are freely available for download from the ICA’s website.


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Dear all,

We have updated the poster catalog file. Several people did not understand our creativity….so we decided to change it to avoid misunderstanding.

See  http://icaci.org/maps-and-sustainable-development-goals/ <http://icaci.org/maps-and-sustainable-development-goals/>  or  directly Download as pdf (26.6mb) <http://icaci.org/files/developmentgoals/catalog.pdf>

Currently this catalog and the posters are being printed in New York for the exhibition at the UN GGIM

I will report back from New York next month and will also discuss the next steps.


Prof. dr. Menno-Jan Kraak

University of Twente
Department of Geoinformation Processing
Faculty of Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation
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Hengelosestraat 99, 7514 AE  Enschede - the Netherlands (visiting)
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http://www.itc.nl/personal/kraak/ <http://www.itc.nl/personal/kraak/>
m.j.kraak at utwente.nl <mailto:m.j.kraak at utwente.nl>

International Cartographic Association
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