[Ica-sdistandards] Updates: Feedback, ICC2017 reviews + membership list

Serena Coetzee serenacoetzee at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 15:56:48 CET 2016

Dear Commission members, 

herewith a few updates on Commission matters.

1. Mini-meeting of the Commission during the ISO/TC 211 plenary week in Redlands, California
The Commission members who attend the ISO/TC 211 plenary week usually have a meeting during the week. We carried on this tradition with a meeting over dinner last Wednesday. Jean Brodeur, Antony Cooper, Dave Danko, Jan Hjelmager, Victoria Rautenbach, Marna Roos and I were present. Some of these members have been with the Commission from its early days (long before I even knew about the Commission :-)). Below is some feedback about the three agenda items that we discussed.

1.1 SDI-Open 2017 pre-conference workshop
I asked the Commission members for input and ideas for the ICC2017 pre-conference workshop next year in July. They liked the idea of a hands-on workshop and suggested hands-on sessions with OpenStreetMap (as a proxy for an SDI), possibly also with MapSwipe. Dave Danko offered to find a presenter about the US open data portal for the pre-conference workshop. Data from the portal could then be used in the hands-on sessions.

1.2 Feedback on the Standards Wiki. 
- The ISO/TC 211 AG Outreach Group plans to raise awareness of the Standards Wiki (see http://wiki.icaci.org/index.php?title=Standards) in 2017. Victoria and I will do a final quality check (there are some consistency issues with page names and some unused pages to be deleted). 
- Jean Brodeur plans to add links from the Standards Wiki to the ISO/TC 211 ontologies (once they are complete).
- Dave Danko will send text to describe the different metadata standards at http://wiki.icaci.org/index.php?title=Standards#Metadata_standards. The aim is to briefly state the purpose of each standard and to explain how the different metadata standards relate to each other. For those of you who don’t know, Dave was the project lead on ISO 19115 and its revision ISO 19115-1.

1.3. Publications
The Commission has submitted a paper for the ICC 2017 conference next year. 

1.4 Future work
Commission members had the following ideas for future work, which we can discuss and plan during the Commission meeting in Washington. 
- Refinement of the ICA stakeholder model, based on our paper submitted to the ICC2017 and other papers. This could be done at a workshop of a few days, possibly in 2018. 
- Compile a book with where each chapter describes an SDI experiences (e.g standards implementations, metadata use, etc.).

2. Reviews for ICC2017
We received a list of 31 submissions (5 full papers and 26 abstracts) to be reviewed for ICC2017. We would very much appreciate your assistance with the reviews, invitations will be sent out soon. The deadline for reviews is 5 January. I know this is a bad time for anybody in the Southern Hemisphere. I asked for a a few days extension on the deadline, but it seems this is not possible.

3. Membership information
I updated the membership lists this morning. The subscribers to this mailing list and the website notifications should now be identical to the list at http://sdistandards.icaci.org/sample-page/. The latter includes the name of your affiliation and country, and in some cases also a link to a personal page. If there are any corrections required or if you would like to add a link (e.g. to your organization or a different personal page), please let me know. 

Serena Coetzee

Geography Building 3-5
Centre for Geoinformation Science, Department Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology, University of Pretoria, Private Bag X20, Hatfield, 0028, South Africa
email: serena.coetzee at up.ac.za · Web: www.up.ac.za/cgis · Mobile: +27 82 464 4294 · Tel: +27 12 420 3823

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