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2021. Sze. 25., Szo, 10:09:15 CEST


akit érdekel gyakornoki lehetőség az ENSZ GIS részlegénél, alább talál

We are launching our Internship Programme!

🎓Unite Maps and UN Mappers are looking for enthusiastic, motivated and
talented people from all over the world to join our team. An opportunity to
work in an international environment, gaining experience and developing
high skills in the humanitarian field.

The internships are available fully-remote or in-person in our duty
stations in Brindisi (Italy) and Valencia (Spain). An internship lasts
maximum six months.

📌 Open positions:

- Mapping and Feature Extraction, remote or in Brindisi (5 posts):

- Mapping and Feature Extraction, remote or in Valencia (5 posts):

- Social Media and Communication, remote or in Valencia (1 post):

- Geospatial Data Analysis, remote or in Valencia (1 post):

- Map visualization and Design, remote or in Valencia (1 post):

Applications are open until 9 October 2021.
We look forward to seeing you!

 Nyerges János
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