[Hallgato] International Spring School (ISSonVis) "Geovisualization on Maps"

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2021. Már. 15., H, 10:14:03 CET

Dear colleagues and partners,

Let me ask you to pass the invitation to ISSonVIS to your colleagues and students. International Spring School (ISSonVis) "Geovisualization on Maps" is a series of virtual lectures and seminars, to which we invited excellent lecturers from the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands. Everything important is at http://www.geoinformatics.upol.cz/iss.

My best


dr. Jaroslav Burian
Associate Professor
Palacky University Olomouc | Czech Republic
Faculty of Science | Department of Geoinformatics 
+420 585 634 523 | +420 724 712 953
jaroslav.burian at upol.cz | www.geoinformatics.upol.cz


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