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Tisztelt Hallgatóság!

A mellékelt felhívás is mutatja, hogy a térképészetben (ismét) milyen fontos a grafikus tervezés :-)

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Apologies for cross-posting!

There are three fundamental issues about geographic space or the Earth'ssurface: How it looks, how it works, and what it ought to be. In termsof how it looks, there are two laws governing geographic forms or urbanstructure: scaling law and Tobler's law. Scaling law is available acrossall scales ranging from the smallest to the largest, and it states thatthere are far more small things than large ones in geographic space.

Tobler's law is available at one scale, and it states that more or lesssimilar things tend to be nearby or related. The scaling law impliesthat geographic space is not neutral or lifeless, but a living structureinvolving numerous smallest, a very few largest, and some in between thesmallest and largest [UTF-8?]– the notion of far more small things than largeones recurs multiple times. Geographic forms or urban structure (how itworks) changes nonlinearly, and they are unpredictable essentially, verymuch like stock prices. In terms of what it ought to be, there are twodesign principles that help make better built environment or re-makesustainable cities: differentiation and adaptation, in line respectivelywith the scaling law and Tobler's law.

We will soon start a new project namely ALEXANDER to address the thirdissue "what it ought to be" in terms of sustainable urban planning anddesign.

With this new project, we will soon announce a PhD position, working onthe subject. Please kindly help diffuse the message among those interested.

Thanks and cheers.


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