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Subject: [geovis] Fw: Nokia Bell Labs internships (Cambridge)

Here's an opportunity that might be of interest to your students - please,
pass this on to any interested candidates.

Urska Demsar.

Subject: Nokia Bell Labs internships (Cambridge)

Nokia Bell Labs Cambridge are looking for summer interns:

If you know anyone who might fit these projects, please encourage them to apply.
Interns are needed for the following projects:

- Urban Emotions and Touchy Maps – Enrolled in PhD in Computer
  Vision/Multimedia, Experience with deep learning for image analysis
  and with large-scale multimedia retrieval and processing

- Visual Psychology – BSc or above in Computer Science, Interaction
  Design, or related fields; experience in designing Facebook apps,
  client (HTML5, Javascript) and server side development

- Familiar Strangers – Enrolled in MSc/PhD in computer vision.
  Experience with face recognition and deep learning

- Social Vitality of Cities – BSc or above in Computer Science or
  related fields. Experience with web data collection from API and
  scraping, GIS tools, and python development. Basic network analysis

- The Nature of Social Ties – Enrolled in MSc/PhD in Computational
  Social Science or Social Psychology; experience in designing
  Facebook apps and in running crowdsourcing experiments
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