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Subject: [geovis] Job opening: Research Fellow (Quantitative Methods/GIS) at
the University of Southampton

Dear all,

here is a job opening that might be of interest.

Urska Demsar

Research Fellow (Quantitative Methods/GIS) at the University of Southampton

We are looking to appoint a researcher to work on a research project exploring
the geography of home-based work and enterprise funded by the European
Research Council (WORKANDHOME). You will work within Geography and Environment
at the University of Southampton, but the work will also involve close
collaboration with partners at the University of St Andrews. The project aims
to uncover and investigate ‘hidden’ work and enterprises based in people’s
homes using big social media data and our own primary survey. Using social
media data, it will be explored how textual and linked-geographic data can be
extracted from virtual social networks such as Twitter and Instagram to study
home-based work and enterprise and how this analysis can be augmented through
data linkage. The primary survey of home-based entrepreneurs will employ GPS
tracking and a web-based diary to explore the time-space geography of
home-based working and its local embeddedness. This methodological approach is
highly explorative and innovative in nature. We are therefore seeking a strong
GIS/quantitative researcher to join our team and contribute to this exciting

More details: https://jobs.soton.ac.uk/Vacancy.aspx?ref=746216WR

Dr Urska Demsar
Lecturer in Geoinformatics
School of Geography & Geosciences
University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK
@udemsar, http://udemsar.com
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