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2016. Jan. 25., H, 15:43:03 CET

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Subject: [geovis] positions(s) on VA for space-time and mobility data

Dear all,

Fraunhofer IAIS in Sankt Augustin announces several research positions
for data scientists. The new employees will work for EU-funded
Horizon 2020 projects that require development and application of
visual analytics methods for spatio-temporal data.
Data sets to be analyzed include sea and air traffic data, urban 
traffic data, social media, and sport tracking.

Formal job offers (in German) are available at
Good knowledge of German is required.

If you are interested to apply, pls contact Dr. Dirk Hecker with CC to me

Best regards,
  Dr. Gennady Andrienko
  lead scientist, Fraunhofer Institute IAIS
  professor, City University London

Fraunhofer Institute IAIS: http://www.iais.fraunhofer.de
... VA research: http://visual-analytics.info
Andrienko's homepage: http://geoanalytics.net/and
publications: http://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=R370BREAAAAJ
*** book: Visual Analytics of Movement (Springer, 2013):
... http://www.springer.com/book/978-3-642-37582-8
... book's web site: http://geoanalytics.net/vam
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