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Subject: World War One Centenary Collection: 100 articles available from our

Free to download in July and August, plus 50% off journals. Read on to find
out more...

To commemorate 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War, 100
articles from the Maney Publishing online archive are available to download
for free in July and August 2014, no sign up required!

rticles have been selected from over 25 journals in the
fields of history, archaeology, literature and culture including the
following key titles: 

Journal of War & Culture Studies | Journal of Conflict Archaeology |
War & Society

Visit our WW1 Centenary Collection:


Article highlights
Preparing the German Army for the First World War: The Operational Ideas of
Alfred von Schlieffen and Helmuth von Moltke the Younger:

The girl behind the man behind the gun: women as carers in recruitment
posters of the First World War:

Commemoration of the Great War: A Global Phenomenon or a National Agenda?:

Cutting a New Pattern: Uniforms and Women's Mobilization for War

Innovative military mapping using aerial photography in the First World War:
Sinai, Palestine and Mesopotamia 1914-1919:

'Grobkörnige Mnemosyne': Picturing the First World War in the Poetry of
Thomas Kling:

Emil Fischer as 'Chemical Mediator': Science, Industry, and Government
in World War One:

Command, Leadership, and Doctrine on the Great War Battlefield: The
Australian, British, and Canadian Experience at the Battle of Arras, May

Remembering War, Resisting Myth: Veteran Autobiographies and the Great War
in the Twenty-first Century:

A very French debate: the 1914-1918 war culture:

A Wilsonian Moment? Dutch Nationalism and Belgian Territorial Claims in the
Aftermath of World War I:

The Emergence of Civil Society in Late Imperial Russia: The Impact of the
Russo-Japanese and First World Wars on Russian Social and Political Life,


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